Stupid question


I’m not much of someone who understands game files to a great degree. I sunk an obscene amount of time into this game prior to its official release and not much since that time. I’d like to start playing again as if I had just installed the game (no recipes known, no patterns, etc).

Can someone direct me to the appropriate files to achieve this “reset”? I don’t want to mess with things and accidentally delete a crucial file.

documents/my games/grim dawn/save, can look through it but i think deleting that whole folder should do the trick. (the save folder that is.)

transfer.gst is your transfer stash
forumals.gst are the learned blueprints
leaderboard is a crucible thing (i think, there are no other leaderboards)
folder titled ‘main’ are your vanilla characters.
folder titled ‘user’ are your mod characters.
any other folders are your transfer/formulas from other mods.