[Suggestion] Add Reduced Freeze duration to the Trozan set skill

Trozan set and TSS have freeze effect, but they don’t have Reduced Freeze, so unlike Mageslayer, they can’t be used effectively on many Nemesis. Please consider adding Reduced Freeze to the Full set Trozan Skill.

That set is already very good in both CR and SR

I never said that this set was weak. I am talking about the freezing part.

If you ask for reduced freeze on mobs then you are implying that it is weak

It may indeed be an over-defense against Mobs. I had only Nemesis in mind. I am withdrawing this suggestion.


Trozan set has no amulet so you could use this?

I tested that Coundit with SR on this battlemage before the patch, and without the CC debuff, it freezes low-resistance mobs but doesn’t do much for Nemesis; with the CC debuff, it doesn’t freeze many enemies, including Nemesis. The patch lowered the CC debuff value, but I haven’t tested it so I don’t know how effective it is now.

Because they got 500% resist


No, they have 138% Freeze res.

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Only Kubacabra and Moosilauke had 500% resistance, the rest had 138% I think. Thus the 30% from Conduit is only meaningful against mobs.