[Suggestion] Add separate volume slider for item drop sounds

Currently, the volume of sound of dropped legendary and double rares is defined by “Sound FX Volume”, which is totally logical. But please, if possible, make it, so it’s possible to have a separate volume slider, something like “Item Drop FX Volume”, so it’s possible to have it quite high and hear it while other sounds are low.


i like how this post asks for the same thing but for the oppposite reason i did here :rofl:

Yeah. kind of duplicate in a way. But i don’t think its “too loud”. Basically my complaint is that i want it separate so i can have it quite up, while effects sound are down :slight_smile:
I can’t say its too loud, if anything its same as other effects and when in combat you hear a lot and you actually may miss it. Maybe, there were some changes and it was loud before, as your post is a week old.

Any way,
Please add separate slider
PRETTY PLEASE :slight_smile: