[Suggestion] Aether / Vit idea for Clairvoyant ’s set

Although Clairvoyant ’s set is focused on aether + vit, as far as I know, no one tries to make effective use of vit. Many people focus on aether and ignore vit. So I would like to make a suggestion to make aether + vit a little better this time.


  • Change chaos of Codex of Lies and Albrecht’s Duality to vit.
    There are probably no people who use these to build Chaos builds, so there will be no impact of the change, and if the Codex of Lies Proc reduces vit RR, aether + vit will be much better.

  • Add vit% dmg to Aethereach and set Disintegration to +3.
    +3 Disintegration is related to Reric described below.
    This is not necessary if there is no change in Reric.

  • Add slow resistance somewhere in the set piece.
    The constellation of aether + vit has Rattosh, but because Aeon + SotH is far superior, Rattosh is not selected in Aether build.
    It may be unsatisfactory to give a slow resist to encourage the transition to Rattosh, but better than nothing.

  • Mythical Spiritseeker Cord
    +% Cold / Frost dmg can be changed to vit. Unnecessary -10% Physique Requirements can be changed to OA / DA.
    If you do not want to delete Physique Requirements, add a large flat DA or% DA as a supplement.

  • Wraithstalker Band
    Change CS to OA or DA and add Proc skill. In that case, it will be a good rival to Albrecht’s Duality ring.

  • Rift-Torn Greaves
    DA is too low. Also, the skill bonus is questionable. Aether PRM SB can’t afford to use it, and Vit Build has other better shoes.

  • Deadwalker Footpads
    Unnecessary Proc skill, mysterious +3 GB. There is no OA / DA, single resistance.


  • Change Uroboruuk’s Reaping skill to Proc skill.
    Agrivix’s Malice is BIS for Clairvoyant ’s, but it does n’t have vit dmg. Also, skills that require casting will not be adopted because it interrupts AAR casting and results in DPS loss. So I would like to propose to change Uroboruuk’s Reaping skill.
    Personally, I would like to see Aether ver of Proc skill of Demonslayer’s Life-Ender.

  • Or improve Impurity a little.
    Less Damage from Undead is not bad, but Aether build has a hard time with Reaper, so I think + 15% dmg Undead is more useful.


  • Gives a good way to change IEE tree to vit.

  • Reap spirit + Doom bolt is sucks.
    These work negatively as dmg sources. In most cases, it will stay at 1p or not even get. Therefore, we suggest that you give it some debuff so that it can be used as a support skill.
    For example: Doom bolt (% dmg reduction), Reap sprit (-120DA or % dmg reduction)

  • Use with Cabalist
    Clairvoyant understands that it is designed for AAR, but if you want to use it in Cabalist, you should consider changing skills.
    Personally, I would like to see Aether SoC + Aeter RE or Spam SS.


  • The most important thing to review is Typhos. This constellation is useless at all. Pet build does not need to increase its attack power, and hybrid construction never works. Should be reviewed.

  • Staff of Rattosh at the runner-up. It is too weak despite the 6P required to complete. In most cases, select Viper. Again, pet bonuses are useless. Hybrid construction is difficult.

  • Finally Rattosh. This constellation is not so bad, but it is not enough for Aether compared to Aeon + SotH. Maybe just a little strengthening the route is fine. For example: Undeed or beast damage, CD, CC resist etc.

Thank you for your consideration.