Suggestion: Better system for bounty tables

Hi I think what’s in the game currently is great, it could just use a bit of tweaking. There have been times, for example, I was running through the areas with Cronley’s gang, wanting to collect bounties and find monster totems, and killed a boss before knowing there was a bounty for it in that day’s offers, or going through the Mountain Deeps killing everything in there to find one bounty, only to get a bounty to kill Cavern Crawlers that I couldn’t do without restarting the game first. So my suggestion, if you’ve killed a certain boss or the creatures in question before taking on a bounty, you have the option of saying you’ve already done it, and collect the bounty rewards right then and there. Or, alternatively, taking on a bounty could cause that enemy or boss to respawn where you’re supposed to find it.


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Bounty causing the target to respawn - sounds good to me. Re-populating his entire location even.
But collecting bounties retroactively like other quests? I would probably collect most of the bounties automatically. That would be too many free rewards.

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Zantai, project lead for the game, has said he’d probably rework the bounty system if they ever make a GD2, assuming they keep it in the game, but development is winding down on GD so I doubt we’ll see any changes to it now.

I’m fine with relog, but the reward should be buffed: a random MI or blue+ item would be fine.

Improving their rewards is the best option currently, most of the component reward from bounty are lacking. Once ago before the removal of partial component, I’m really irritated with some of the Legion bounty like the one that ask for Blood of Chthon, the reward is exp+rep in nice quantity but the component reward from the pool are partial scavenged plating. If the reward for bounty improved to random rare material like Ugdenbloom or Chthonic Seal, then there is a new reason for doing Bounty for character that already reach revered status.

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Yes yes yes, cthonic seal and ugdenbloom for rewards would be awesome!

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This is actually a pretty decent way to make bounties worth it past capping the reputation.

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