[Suggestion] Change Serenity Completion Bonus ''Life Leech Resistance'' into something else

Basically the title. Life Leech Resistance has no proper use in the game. It basically make that serenity useless when you get that completion bonus. It’s a waste of mats/resources and time.

It can be some other CC resist, slow, trap or petrify. It can be energy regen bonus, it can be health regen bonus, it can be skill disruption resistance; anything but lifeleech resist or energy leech resist.

Any comment is welcome.


Serenity has %DA, but not %OA :thinking:. Would be nice to have it as completion bonus.

I think OA is a stat that can be exploited in many builds so I would rather have something else, but something useful.

physical resist completion bonus when ? :sweat_smile:

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You mean, infamous Cunning dumpers like soon-to-be-nerfed Pierce/Physical builds? 2-4% OA would make them broken?

Probably not, but a +1 All Skills Relic with +% OA would be a bit much. + All Skills has to have a trade-off in some form.

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No Damage bonuses does not count?

Well, at least the relic has %Physique/Cunning/Spirit completion bonus. It is something.

Getting them all %5 requires a lot of praying :rofl:

Praying to GD Stash must work 100%:grin:.


Yup, relics without specific class bonuses have wide range of completion perks, ranging from really good to WTF. With GD stash you can always “craft” relic with DA or % all three attributes but legit the probability chance is low and relics are the most expensive items to craft on top of that. So I like your proposal. At least something like slow is always welcomed for end game builds. Or % health, Idk.

Max roll is 4%.

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GT shows otherwise. And health roll is exist. So slow, petrify, disruption resist would be good. Health regen or energy regen could also have some use.

Health is there my bad. But I have crafted relic both legit (once) and multiple times with GD Stash, I haven’t seen rolls higher than 4%, GT should be wrong. But yes CC…

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I’ve seen GT be wrong about ranges as well. 2-5% doesn’t make sense, but 2-4% with 3% average does.

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Hmm, I guess I crafted maybe 25 serenity, I don’t recall %5 stats but GT shows it for a long time, it’s not a recent change.

GT “lies” with a lot of stats
easiest come to mind is ex attack/cast speed that is almost always 1%pt below the range GT displays, with a couple of exceptions - likewise with 5%global cdr on ex helms,
guessing it’s another instance of GT parsing direct from X vs what roll range is actually applied in game


MFW when GT lies to me:


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