[Suggestion] Difficulty token/ticket (not waystone) for SR

A guy on today’s stream gave me an idea about this. He said that SR is kind of tedious, and I kinda agree with him, so a meteor fell on my head and it gave me an idea of adding to the game a token or ticket or whatever you want to call it that increases the difficulty. Not that it boosts monsters, nor adds additional spawns, but increases the chances of nemesis spawns.

Nemesis are very fun to fight, so there can be added tokens that are applied along with waystones for x2 Nemesis spawn, x4, x8, x16, x32, x64, x128… okay, may be too much, but you get the idea. Imagine arena with only nemesis monsters… :smiley:

Um, just skip up to Ultimate and get into SR that way.

I only play on ultimate. :stuck_out_tongue: