Suggestion for a cheap game (10 euro budget)

So…a friend of mine gifted me 10 euros on steam.

Any suggestions for a fun little game with good replay-ability, but isn’t addictive (e.g. death road 2 canada)

Which genre?

Get a nice old Point&Click-Adventure. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

any genre, but i don’t want a game with a good storyline because I’ll get hooked and procrastinate more than I already do :stuck_out_tongue:

So no adventures.

Maybe Call of Juarez. Nice little Western Shooter. Bundle is about 10 Euros.

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What’s the game like?

battletech is a universe with different factions and you play turn based battles with a group of customized mechs. the missions are fun some thinking but also fine to drink your beer or coffee or thee while playing. There is quite different tactics and the game is pretty fun also in the end but usually you have a couple of the best mechs and thats it, it got boring to me then but up to that point great fun. Also different ‘builds’ to figure out.

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pro tip* if you kneecap a mech you get the full three components to assemble it afterwards. Also don’t choose money only choose scrap as well for the mechs you assemble its worth more than the mission money reward to sell mechs

Sorry for all the questions, but what’s the shelf life like?

How many hours does it offer you, and would you play it again?

I personally play currently one of the King’s bounty game, one of my favorite franchises.

First KB is from 2008-The legend. Cost 6.99$ in Steam. It’s turn based strategy with RPG elements. Story is decent but very often is almost parody oriented. It have variety of level difficulties and units, also 3 different classes so it offers replay ability. It have similarities to Might&Magic.

I also like it, cause my old laptop can run it smoothly. Graphics are outdated a lot but they are detailed and are visually pleasing. Gameplay is simplistic.

is it addictive?

It’s single player only and despite it have replay value after time can be boring since you played same battles, doing same quests. It’s a game I personally like but it’s a personal opinion. Also some of my favorite games, don’t know price are Dragon age 1 and Deus Ex Human revolution. That’s my personal taste again, don’t want to screw you. :smile:

mate, this is a thread where I’m asking for people’s personal opinions

If I decide to go with a suggestion from here, only to regret it later, the only person who would have screwed me is me :stuck_out_tongue:

OK mate, if I can decide which game I want to play for first time is Human revolution. It’s flawless. I haven’t checked how much it costs but isn’t new so it shouldn’t be expensive probably.

I somehow forgot about it. Actually I haven’t but storyline is too good :smile:

urgh i can’t play games with good storylines, if not i won’t get any work done!

well i guess dont play battletech now its story driven about 40 hours but maybe 30 if your quick about it

what about some deeprock galactic with some friends, no story killing stuff and some tactics

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Try a top down shooter:
Alien Breed 1-3
Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds: Survivor

You could do Orcs Must Die

or Orcs Must Die 2

Not much in the way of story and replayable. Lil time-killer games.

If you like pinball my favorite is PinballFX3 - which is free with 1 free table and further table packs go around 10 bucks a piece (most packs tend to see up to 50% off during sales). There’s 90 or so tables total tho (I own every last one of them because I’m cool like dat) but still… it’s a great time-killer, replayable, with no strings attached storywise.

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Freakin’ nerd. <3

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