Suggestion for changing item grading to differentiate double rares and monster infrequents

Without a doubt the recent QoL changes made it much easier to filter to just show double rares when farming, but during leveling or normal playthroughs without mods like Rainbow Filter or Grim Internals, it’s not really easy to tell the difference between a rare with a single prefix/suffix, a monster infrequent with only magic prefix and suffix, and a double rare (both the prefix and suffix being rare).

My suggestions are to re-classify all monster infrequent base items (no rare prefix/suffix) as magic instead of rare, and create a new item grade for double-rares so they are much more easily identifiable.

Since the loot filter already has the capability to show only monster infrequents the issue of sorting through all yellows to find MIs can be avoided, and it helps to visualize the separation of power tiers with rares, double rares and monster infrequents.

Instead of putting MI into magic, I prefer that when MI and Rare are selected in loot filter it only shows MI with at least 1 rare affix instead of showing all MI with 2 yellow affix

That would be good for farming, but would still imo not really do anything for leveling since while leveling you’ll still likely want to have all rares showing regardless of their affixes. Another alternative would be adding another color for MI, but that seems like unnecessary bloat when yellow works just fine.

I use magic items while leveling so that would not be great for me. With the new filter setting I have no problems at end-game farming… I’m looking for good MIs and double rares and that is easy now. If anything were done, I’d like a different color for MIs so at endgame I can more easily tell whether its a double rare or an MI.

I’m confused why that would be an issue for you. Unless you specifically aren’t trying to use monster infrequents, all having them in yellow would do is make more drops be yellow instead of green. Filter-wise you’d still see normal magic items, just monster infrequents would show up there too. Un-checking magic and checking monster infrequent would (at least the way I envision it) work so that all non-MI yellows wouldn’t show, but MI yellows would, so that you don’t have to sift through yellows to find MIs. I don’t want their stats changed, and I don’t want the loot pools to be affected, I really just want them to be separated from rares so that each affix is more accurately graded (magic prefix and suffix goes to magic, one rare prefix or suffix goes to rare, rare prefix and suffix goes to double rare).

And while MIs could get their own specific grading, I don’t feel it’d end up being beneficial since now you’d only have them show that color when they have magic prefixes. Any other time they’d be rare or double rare. That’s why I feel that’s kinda unnecessary bloat when the base versions could just go in magic so when their affixes are magic, they are yellow instead of green. But it still could work if done that way, so it is an option, I was trying to keep it simple (mechanics-wise) and only create one new grade, but two new grades would help show the separation as well.

I don’t filter out magic items while leveling but I don’t pick them all up and I do pick up all MIs, so the way you described it (unless I am misunderstanding) I’d have to look at a mass of yellow items and decide which are MIs, then decide what of the rest I want too.

Ah I see. In that case, yes it does affect you, but my counter-point would be that doesn’t it affect you the same way right now, since monster infrequents aren’t separate from rares? Of course you’d be seeing more yellows, but right now regular rares aren’t separate from MI rares so they easily can be mixed up too. An easy suggestion to fix it for you is using Rainbow Filter which already denotes MIs with their own special unique text color so they are more easily identifiable. I don’t know how much more difficult it would make coding this, but also adding a special color shading for Monster Infrequents while keeping them in their respective grade could also work so you’re not needing to use a mod either. Such as Monster Infrequent magics being more of a gold color, Monster Infrequent rares being dark green, etc.

Since I already use Rainbow Filter I’m not going to be affected much by if this change happens either way, but in my gaming experience it took quite a while for me to realize how many different tiers of items were within one single grading, and it certainly took a long time to even realize rares could be as good or better than legendaries since the really good ones were lumped in with regular ones so it just made me think rares always were around that power level. So, my change was really to hopefully make it easier for newer players, especially newer players who aren’t looking to use tools/mods (Rainbow Filter is a mod, but it’s allowed in multiplayer), so that the vanilla game is easier to understand.

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