Suggestion for wall fortifications

At some point in the game, raiders become more powerful and can potentially bring rams with them.
In all “let’s play” I saw, they sometimes attack walls.

My suggestion is to be able to prevent this from happening by putting a moat in front of the walls.
There is already the possibility in the game to level terrain, so creating some kind of hole in front of a wall would be a nice addition (a quite time consuming task).
This would redirect raiders to the gates and therefore make the city more robust to attacks.

I’m aware that a watered moat would be difficult to handle due to the uneven terrain, but a dry ditch in front of the wall is effective without worrying about level.

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a ditch really is so common basic used and effective a defence it’s almost funny at times when there isn’t one where there should be:

Ditch in Carcassonne where I was today.

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