Suggestion: General Ideas

After 40 hours or so with the game, I have to say Great Job.
Some humble suggestions to help with game play after my experiences:

  1. Being able to move more than just Blueberries - A teir 3 building and profession, like a greenhouse that requires planks, clay, glassware and a garderner job. only this job can move other resources like willow, herbs, roots, greens, berries etc… being able to move and plan gardens would be a nice experience and add to the look of a town.

  2. Spoiled food should be added to compost, otherwise raise the risk for rats or diseases appearing in the village.

  3. Being able to select multiple objects together, like using the shift or alt key to select multi walls for upgrade or houses, or industries. or an option to select all of one type. trying to remember where all your hunting lodges or other buildings are can be an issue.

  4. Add more animals to the game, chickens - provide meat, feathers and eggs, sheep - meat, tallow and wool, pigs or being able to caputure a boar. same as current.

  5. The addition of a scouting job with a maping building as a tier 2 building to have someone exporing in a circluar motion around the town hall. This would make it easier to plan expansions of the town.

I know you said no essays so I will stop here. I am enjoying the game a lot and look forward to additions of farther goods and production chains!


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