[Suggestion] Help a Two-Hander Pyromancer

With the new changes to Explosive Strike, I was hellbent on making a two-handed melee Pyromancer, focusing pure Hellfire into his melee attacks to annihilate this enemies. Unfortunately, current legendary itemization pulls him into fire with Chaos as a sidenote.

This isn’t right. Think of all those enemies still not burning in hellfire!

May I suggest a two-handed sword.

[Insert Base Weapon Stats Here]
30% of Physical Damage converted to Fire
30% of Physical Damage converted to Chaos
+80% Fire Damage
+80% Chaos Damage
+8% Total Speed
+1 to All Skills in Occultist
+1 to All Skills in Demolitionist

Chance When Hit: A ball of writhing Hellfire gets launched at those who would dare harm the possessor of this sword. Those hit with the ball take fire and chaos damage. In addition, their movement speed is reduced, and a minor reduction to fire and chaos resistance.


Add a suite of pet stats similar to the Winter King sword, but focusing on the Hellhound. The Hellhound would provide some minor crowd control. You could even have the ability to summon a second Hellhound!

Anyway, tons of things you can do to make high-end fire/chaos two-handers. :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas, Crate, and thanks for all you do!

EDIT: Also, make the Brimstone add-on skill for Fire Strike work for melee as well!

I honestly prefer if it was a mace instead of a sword, mainly because of no pierce conversion.

I guess eventually some of the less itemized builds will get more items to support them. That’s what i’m hoping for the expansion.

A sword has got a better cool factor, but yeah, you are right, mechanically, I’d want a mace.

I would love one patch where all it is would be filling in itemization gaps for niche builds. But hey, with the expansion coming, they are more than forgiven on a tiny lack of itemization. Crate has done such an awesome job so far. :slight_smile:

I believe the devs purposely tried to keep the conversion on weapons to around 50%-60% of the same damage type.

The easiest option is to take Infernal Brimstone which has around 25%-30% phys to fire and use a riftstone to give you an extra 10% phys to chaos and then take the “Consecrated Blade” transmuter from SWF for another 15% phys to chaos. This will give you
25%-30% phys to fire
25% phys to chaos

Alternatively you can farm Archon Bartholem for the Archon’s Warmaul and pray for a Demonic Prefix


You can farm an Obsidian War Cleaver in the Bastion of Chaos and pray for a Hellfire/Infernal Prefix

Over-all though you want more Chaos conversion than you do Fire because Demo’s skill-set offers Flat Fire/Lightning/Physical damage skills. You only need to convert the Physical damage to Chaos as the Fire/Lightning is already there.