[Suggestion] Increase duration resistance reduction to conduit of war cry

Pretty much the title. Now the duration RR is only 3 seconds at 7.5 seconds cooldawn and sounds as meme. Increased duration RR to 5 seconds will allow for better uptime.
Link to prefix of conduit.


While we are at it, how does it work with Break Morale or transmuter? Does it stack? I imagine not, but still feel the need to ask =)

Not stacking

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Hm, then this RR feels sorta redundant after recent buffs to both. I can see it being useful on bleed builds, but most of bleed Soldiers using Bloodrager anyway… But I mean duration should be buffed no matter what.

Reduce cooldown of War Cry skill itself.


I think the conduit was created to support FW and cadence. Increasing the RR duration should help builds based on these skills. Also conduit is source of bleed and this is a great support bleeding soldier. :grinning:

I think that conduit should be removed with something else and terrify mutator should be improved like ‘‘much’’.


I would like to see reduced cooldown on the skill itself and bonuses on items should just give War Cry different damage types. Let’s make 5 seconds War Cry cooldown finally happen.

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