[Suggestion]Mythical Crystallum Changes

‘‘Mythical Crystallum: replaced % Stun Resist and % Lightning Resist with 50% Petrify Resist and 410 Health. Replaced bonus to Clarity of Purpose with +3 to Soulfire. Added modifiers for Savagery and Eye of Reckoning.’’

All is cool, DW Savagery mods are always welcome. Petrify resist is always welcome.

Except lightning EoR mod. Kymon’s Sanctified Blade will already get some buffs according to changelog. There is Cyclone set which allows only one weapon. There is Empyrion’s Mercy. Now we’ll have Crystallum for what purpose?

I think we should think another use for this weapon so it can have a niche on it’s own. It can be useful weapon for Tricksters with Stormserpent set. Maybe add a belgothian shears mod to it? Or ABB? since it has a conduit now…

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Lightning Shadow Strike support maybe (it goes really nicely with Stormserpent).