Suggestion on Population cap

Just a quick suggestion on the 1000 villager population cap… I completely agreed with the Devs decision to set a limit on the max population during early access to prevent complaints about the game running at 3fps with a 3000 pop . I’m sure over time, as the code gets further optimized and the all the ‘kinks’ are worked out the cap can be removed. However, it would be great if there could be a launch switch, or a option in the game settings menu (on by default) to enable/disable the cap.

Or an option whereby we players can set our own population limit?

we got the same idea :slight_smile: at almost the same time

For your information, in order to get more than 1k peons, you will need to mod the game.

First, install Melon Loader :

Then, get a Nexus account and download this mod :

The game is located into steam folder such as for example :
E:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Farthest Frontier\

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting the nexus mod info (I actually had already found it there and probably should have included the link / info in my original post). I was more so hoping that the one of devs would notice the post and reply back with a launch switch… I have no issue with using mods (you should see my cities skylines install…), however, with an EA title, I’m kind of hesitant to use them - I’m definitely not a programmer and I want to make sure that any issues that I report are related to the game itself - not due to using mods).

Thanks again for the helpful reply - I’m sure that a lot of players will find it useful!

The devs have plans to increase the population. The only reason why it is capped at 1000 now is so they can improve optimization, etc. Hopefully they won’t mind a mod like this…

We obviously can’t stop you guys from applying these modifications, but we do ask that anyone using them please make sure any issues they experience occur without mods installed first before reporting bugs.


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