Suggestion - plz return %CDR on barrelsmith set to make it more appealing to Sorc`s

Subj. It open a lot of possible Sorcerer option with these guns, including lightning CDR based BWC. Unfortunately, Barrelsmith right now its a purifier-only AA set.

I just theorycrafted a build with Barrelsmith, I tried to focus on casting, but yeah, it kinda sucks because I have 182% attack speed and 138% casting speed. I have no CDR at all and it’s kind of pointless to even make this build in game.

The old 16% CDR (or was it another value?) opened up many builds, I gotta admit. You could do practically anything, the guns were kind of shitty, but you could do much more. Now only Purifiers feel good with that combo. Maybe an Elementalist could shine too, but… yeah… Purifier.

You need that CDR to sustain with devotions healing as a caster. They just don`t work w/o at least 33% CDR.

That’s true. I kinda don’t pay attention to healing devotions that much because I often build tanky enough to don’t die fast. :stuck_out_tongue: