[Suggestion] Remove 500 % res from enemy summons

In 1.2 it seems that Moosilauke is finally getting the Cold res on its crystals nerfed from 500 % to 100 %. Could we do the same thing for other enemy summons please? Off the top of my head, Thall’nosh (Karroz 2nd phase), Zaria and phase 2 Korvaak all summon Void Crystals/Celestial Effigy with 500 % Vitality resistance. I don’t see a reason why Vitality builds should be penalised in these fights. They already have to deal with other Vit tanky summons such as Kaisan or Aleks crystals. Giving them straight up immunes to contend with doesn’t serve any more purpose than Cold immune crystal did.


500% res is, and always was, pretty stupid imo, even if “thematic” for ex Mossi ice crystals
aside from a monster’s native res already being harder against the same dmg build, 90 cold res = cold build already facing the uphill battle, having a full impassable wall for the same oriented build on minions is just extremely redundant/trolly… why :neutral_face:

i would have 0 issue with it, if it was because the minions were actually intended to be immortal “globally”; Fabby spirits as ex, then it’s a level playing field and you’re not unfairly suffering as a 1/9 specific dmg build potentially already having a hurdle to deal with as is.

Z yielded once, so now he is asked for a bag of nerfs for consistency. And you’ll probably get what you want.
Of course everything shall crumble regardless of dealt damage type.

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yes, oh the horror for all builds to be able to kill dangerous minions, what a huge game nerf :weary: #DeadGame

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