[suggestion] social hub


I guess it surely has already been suggested, but i’ll write it anyways.
This game needs and even more deserve a 3D social hub. Like GW1 in his time.
Would make the game a lot more ‘alive’ and rich in terms of relationships, AND it would sell a lot more (because being more attractive, socialy).

I know it would require a perma server from crate, and incredibles headaches in netcode , but … I really think it should be considered again (cause i’m sure they think about it since the begining).

And as many players, i could grab a lot of friends inside GD, who watched it, founded it really good, but as attractive as an empty desert (in terms of players / coop perspective). ONE social hub (even many, one for each exp. ?) would boost the game so much (as sales?, isn’it ?
Or juste ONE to rule them’all (Arpg / gamers) and in grimdawn …

Thanks for reading.

Closed servers have indeed been asked for many times and the devs have said that’s something that really needs to be built in at the start of development so won’t be happening for this game. Whether they’ll consider doing it if/when they make GD2 we’ll just have to wait and see.