[Suggestion] Some ideas to improve SR even further

The case is not about the choice but the change is unfair to multi-pull builds. Let’s consider this:
Build A takes 10 second to kill one boss, before and after the change because solo fight is still safe. It takes 40 seconds to clear a boss room.

Build B takes 40 second to kill one boss, but it can fight all those 4 at the same time before the change, so it also takes 40 second to clear a boss room. However, after the change build B can no longer fight all 4 bosses toghther because cooperation of the enhanced boss skills makes it more dangerous. Now B has to fight the bosses two by two, resulting in a 80 second clear time.

Of course 4-pull is of higher risk. What matters is increasing risk hurts multi-pull builds much more than solo builds, which is to some extent unfair.

In SR75, where 1 out of the 4 possible boss spawns even has the maybe 4 bosses that got buffed in that pool, you are talking about ~20% of combos at best getting harder as a result, so to suggest SR75 is overall harder is simply egregious.

And the 2 deleted bosses are both melee who are easy to pull together and the newly added 3 are all ranged who never come close. (One of them even jumps backwards) :sweat_smile:

I’m with Zantai on this one.
Honestly this is nothing more than complaining at a high level.
All the countless SR runs I have done after the recent patch have been smooth for the most part and the few added bosses don’t rly make it “harder” imo.
If anything I welcome the changes & additions that have been made.


Alright, as long as there is nothing else to other bosses except the newly added 3.

Spoiler alert, there is but that is imo fine as well. :tada:

What are they? Health increase of Theodin and Korvaak? What’s else?
I just feel bosses are more deadly and tankier.

Besides, I did a test on my lightning CT Mage Hunter soloing Theodin and Korvaak in SR 75 to show how ridiculously tanky they are now. Of course you can say CT is not a good solo skill but the bosses are far from acceptable.

Videos link: GD v1.1.9.8 PTR (April) Ridiculous Theodin and Korvaak in SR
The time is:
3 trys on Theodin: 42s, 51s, 54s
1 try on Korvaak: 1min 27s
How do you guys think about this?

I will also try cold Fire Strike Sabo who has good solo damage later.

HP buffs you named, Lagoth’Ak spawning lots of void leeches around him + cloning faster from what I could tell and Okaloth now spawns the meteors he usually has in his arena.
These are the ones I noticed.

Also I think having campaign endbosses in SR being more tanky & being overall stronger is nice.
I enjoy a good fight and it’s not like they are super frequent either so they don’t rly disrupt the “farming flow” too much.


After these days of hundreds of SR runs, I want to figure something out. It’s nothing about values but AI of enemies.

Can we make those ranged enemies not move around (especially move away from us) when we are within their range?

For example, Keynen, Burntheart, Zantarin, the Immortal, Valdaran, the Storm Scourge. They usually walk randomly when we get close to them.

The most annoying thing here is the Aether Corruptions Three ( Alberran Rein, Cyrian Marcan, and Dreven Cole). We always want to leave them to the last and want to kill them almost at the same time. However, their alert radius is somehow so big that we have to move to the other corner of the boss room to avoid their alert at the beginning. If they are born closed to another ranged boss, it’s very hard to pull the other ranged boss without attracting their alert. Besides, when we fight them, they are very likely to separate, making it very uncomfortable for short ranged AoE skills such as Blitz, ABB, EoR an so on (and almost all default attacks). Can we shorten their alert radius and fix their “separate” AI, plz?

One last thing, on two boss room maps there are situations of losing bosses’ alert. One map is Eldritch Realm and the other is Malmouth Sewers. The bosses are usually Zantarin, Bargoll, Ilgorr, and The Sentinel. Among them The Sentinel is the most likely one to lose alert. Can this phenomenon be fixed plz?