[Suggestion] Thermite Mine Change

Okay, so I know Thermite Mine has received plenty of changes… But it still feels awkward in many ways.

In gameplay terms, it has this annoying “Please enemy, can you stand still for me” playstyle for a fairly necessary effect of RR (Which I guess is shared by Runebinder’s Inquisitor’s Seal but that’s a set bonus you opt into rather than a part of the base class)

Outside of that, its name and its effects are counter intuitive.

A mine is, according to Oxford Dictionary “a type of bomb placed on or just below the surface of the ground or in the water, which detonates on contact with a person, vehicle, or ship.”. Yet Thermite Mine is no bomb. There’s no detonation, it’s simply a DoT effect. If this is a Mine then Wendigo Totem is a Mine and Blade Spirit is a Mine…

Next is the Thermite reaction. Which, yes, produces a significant amount of sparks, but the major part of the reaction process is the molten metal that drips down from the point of reaction (Which can be used for welding or as an incendiary weapon capable of burning through steel).

As such, for the name “Thermite Mine” something that would explode and cover nearby enemies in thermite which then ignites and burns through them would make far more sense than the fountain of sparks that currently exists. Which would also improve gameplay by making the skill more usable in mobile builds and against groups of enemies.

seeeriously doubt we’re gonna see such, “any”, mine changes at this point
heck mines were already changed from exploding back in the day, to what we have now
and mines have repeatedly been mentioned as annoying and clunky/“disliked” in feedback, and what we got was a bit of radius increase on the RR application, that’s it
if Z overhauls mines like that at this stage in the game i’d be surprised, welcoming, but surprised

Yes, it’s called “mine”, but you’re missing “thermite”, which main purpouse is to “eat through” metal and other structures. It’s not an immideate explosion, but rather a chemical reaction.

But I agree that their application is pretty annoying compared to other skills (even more than infamous Devouring Swarm), for ranged / caster playstyle anyway.


Basically this. I highly doubt they’re going to fundamentally change a mastery skill at this point. The best you can hope for are more quality of life buffs e.g. the increased radius Thermite Mine has gotten several times or the faster placement from some updates ago.

In fact, ever since the game came out early access, I don’t actually recall a skill ever having how it works being changed - transmuters have been added and skill nodes have been changed or added in (e.g. Shattering Blast for Grenado) but every skill you see has always worked the way it has now more or less.

Well, there were a few changes here and there in early access. Iirc one of Soldier’s skills had the TQ Colossus Form initially, but Crate dropped that. And there were other changes as well Shaman and Arcanist


But yes, it’s unlikely that any skill will see a major change now in the way it works.

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Disagree. Mines now are way way better than the 1st time i played GD. Back then you had to get the “throw animation” 3 stacks of Mines, and wait for them to fall off the ground, and then spread to 3 different locations and then active. It was so clunky and hard to use. Now we have “instant mines” and no CD, so you can recast right after you feel the locations of them are not what you expect. The annoying part of enemies have to stand still is not really “annoyed” compare to other RR skills. For example, with Spectral Wrath (necro), you have to take hit for it to active, so basically you have to stand and get hit constantly (basically facetank things run to you) to get the RR part 100% uptime (for melees or spam casters- its not a problem at all, but for others maybe it is). With aura like Night’s Chill or Aura of censure, the radius of auras themselves are not really great- without mod of course (only a few meters around you), so basically you’ll need to get close to enemies (or same situation with Mines: “please enemy, can you stand NEAR me please”) for the RR effects. Not every classes have a movable RR source like Guardian or can cast RR from very far away (WoP/ CoF), even Devouring Swarm with small hit box and low durations is so hard to use constanly, or strange “behaviour” of Wind Devils and most important part is you have to recast WD every 3 seconds (without mods like Cyclone)- they are much more cancerous to me than Mines. Not only you can place Mines far from you, it is a very good devotion proc-er (Korvaak/ Ultos/ most Fire devo…). So no, we dont NEED (and personally i dont WANT) to change Mines for anything


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