[Suggestion] Update to Game Difficulties and Progression


My experience is about 800 hours, and following is just my thinking how game progression might be improved.

I suggest having only two difficulties: Normal and Ultimate. Note that Veteran should also be removed. Also, the npc for Forgotten Gods should not be available after competing Act 1. The progression is following:

  1. New character starts in Normal.

  2. After killing Loghorrean (defeating base game) player can progress to AOM (just like now).

  3. Any Normal AOM zone gives -15% to primary resistances (elemental, poison, pierce).

  4. After killing The Master of Flesh (defeating AOM) player can progress to FG (the npc with quest and green portal should appear, or some quest should lead a player, so new player is not frustrated).

  5. Any Normal FG zone gives -30% to primary resistances.

  6. After killing Korvaak (defeating FG) player gets a message about unlocked Ultimate difficulty. So it’s possible to log out and change the difficulty.

  7. The Ultimate difficulty almost not changed:

    • -50% to primary resistances and -25% to secondary resistances (just like now)
    • the npc with quest and green portal is available initially (this is a change from current game)
    • the path to AOM is also can be blown with dynamite (this is also a change from current game)

Basically the idea is that once player got to Ultimate, all expansions just available (of cause all zones has resistance penalties the same (-50% & -25%) just like we have in current game.


  • No Normal/Veteran and no need to explain difference. The difficulty will get higher naturally as you progress because you get res penalties (AOM and FG). The only thing i cannot think of how to indicate a player that he enters AOM and his res got penalty (maybe some permanent debuffs: “Curse of AOM” and “Curse of FG” so player can mouse over and see and then check resistance and be aware of the penalty. Again, when the player enters Ultimate, no debuffs should be shown, which might frustrate again.

  • Player will visit all main areas and unlock all factions naturally. That is the way how you should play, and that is not obvious for new players. Basically I mean that normally you want to unlock FG factions as soon as they available (after killing Krieg), and AOM after you kill Loghorrean. It’s not much time, but if you do it, you get passively reputation while just killing enemies after.

  • Player will easily get all 55 shrines until reaching Ultimate, so be maximum ready for the challenge.


  • You have to beat all the game once to get to Ultimate. Only main quests are needed, but you need to do all of them. But only once (one difficulty).

Well, the game is content complete and has been for a while now so I can’t see the devs making any changes such as you suggest. Could be you might be able to make a mod that does those though. Not sure you could cut out Elite difficulty in a mod.


Well, TLDR but - All that you already can do, so … ??

You can cut it out with a Merit.

Yes, but not sure you could get rid of it if you wanted to make a mod to do so.

@greenya Probably best to read through the various Grim Misadventures since you last played to see what’s changed in the game. Because if it’s 5 years since you last played then there are a LOT of changes.