[Suggestion] Winter King pseudo-set & Transmutation

Is it possible to add the Winter King pseudo-set to the Transmutation mechanic?

It has always, at least to me, appeared that the Crown of the Winter King, Bane of the Winter King and Heart of the Mountain were meant to be used as a set for Shaman/Nightblades what wants to enter a melee/summoner hybrid style.

Finding these pieces can be rough and adding this pseudo-set to the transmutation system would help greatly.

Looking foward for more diversity in pet builds.

As long as it doesn’t come with any changes or nerfs to the HotM amulet, I am ok with it. But otherwise, hands away from my Fluffy!

Hopefully no changes to the items themselves, I was just hoping for them to be treated as if they were a set for purposes of the Transmutation mechanic.

I’m been trying to find the set forever and it’s just not happening. (Yes, I can cheat it in, or get it from other players, but it’s not the same)

I have always felt that this should have been an actual set. Give it some set bonuses. God knows hybrid builds need all the help they can get.

I rather have them remove the hybrid concept altogether.