Suggestions for Dual Wield Cold Based Infiltrator

Here is my build:

I use ABB as LMB, Shadow Strike and Slam for critical attacks and one-shotting, Ring of Steel for CC, Phantasmal Armor to increase my armor and pierce resist, Blade Barrier and Ghoulish Hanger as Oh-Shit! skill.

Unfortunately, my Vitality, Aether and Stun resists are 0%; but I want to crush Salazar, Gut Worm and The Warden.

Am I playing this game right or what should I do?

PS: Set difficulty to “Normal” and turn on all of auras from right-bottom corner.

Have a look here [] DW cold Infiltrator for beginners-build diary

Welcome to the forum! I hope build topic can help you.

It’s recommended to look for resistances.ABB is good as main attack util you reach enough level to equip real auto attack replacer.

The build which you shared is different from mine. Should I start a new game or continue mine?

no idea what you mean by different, you can refund skill points etc at the Spirit guide

In that build first class in Inquistor and main skill is Word of Pain, right? In mine, main skill is ABB due to I don’t know that where can I find good auto attack replacer and my first class is Nightblade.

It is very easy to level up with Word of pain compared to melee.
You can’t not until you are level 55 and have Shard of Beronath component

Either works. Inquisitor’s word of pain or nightblade’s abb+lethal assault+night’s chill combined with 2xcoldstones are both good ways to lvl an Infiltrator. You definitely don’t have to make a new char.
Example build for lvl 23: