Summoner of any kind vs. equipment.

I really like playing a summoner in most games, but with Grim Dawn there is one glaring problem when you play one.

The amount of fun you have with pet builds is 100% random and based on RnGesus with drops.

On my first Occultist i had very good time thanks to random greens with both pet buffs and resistances.

Then i went Necromancer skeletons and after that Shaman Briar+Primal and i had a horrible time thanks to being unable to find ANY goddamn usable items.

When you play other damage classes, there are tons of gear you can find/buy to beef you up, but the pet boosting items seem to be ridiculously rare on some playthroughs.
Seriously, ending up with 40% pet health and 220% pet damage at the end of malmouth veteran was just sad .

One of the better ideas i’ve seen in Grim dawn, was preset green drops from corpses in the first zone and monster infrequents.
It would be great if each slot for pet users had something like that prepared for act I and II.

Pet users are the only case, where gear and skills are the only way to boost damage, since neither cunning, nor spirit boost their damage making it feel awkward at times and it’s easy to be shit out of luck and have a terrible time.

It doesn’t matter that end game summoner is the bees knees, if getting there can be a chore.

I disagree: with relics, faction items, augments and components, summoners have never been easier to level than nowadays. I know that some of these are only available later in the game, but running Normal/Veteran just by maxing the relevant summoner skills is usually enough.

Even with 40% HP, pets have generally 20k (skeletons iirc) to even 80k HP. They back that up with high as fuck damage. With pets, you can even get 500k DPS. My Ritualist has about 150 - 300k DPS with no RR, which even doubles vs. some Nemesis. Fabius, most of the time, can’t last more than 3 button presses, which are two RR skills and Wendigo Totem. And I have only 12 pets (8 of these are skeletons).

I don’t know if they need any more defense. I mean, my pets with 80% resists almost take no damage. Backing it up with a healing skill (Wendigo Totem, Blood of Dreeg) makes them almost immortal. Also, the cool down on pets is not that high too.