Tactician with beronath reforged?

i remember see tacticians with beronath reforged and kalastor. They still be viable?
(not especially interested in certain builds, just wondering if i build something around)

yeah but then you have to or should convert the pierce to phys from kalastor

I’m the crafter who came up with that concept. It’s certainly still viable, though there are stronger builds around now.

Paladin should be stronger for physical Kalastor build. @Plasmodermic did something similar. Octavius Tactician should also be decent, especially defensively but you lack RR. Btw you can reach full conversion even without the sword.

Good, thank’s for the answers. I’m leveling a tactician so paladin it’s no right now. I’ll go with 2-hands forcewave until ultimate. If i go OK then maybe arcanor, stonefist or something else

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