Tags translation

hi everyone
I think that if you have a localization installed, all the tags (in a custom mod tag file) that have the same tag than the original game (with the localization) are not overwrite by the new mod tag

For exemple, if the tag in the normal game(with localization) is: tagDevotion_B12=Liens de Bysmiel
and the one in my mod tag file is : tagDevotion_B12=Bysmiel’s Bonds

the new tag from the mod is ignored, i am right or is it just me? :rolleyes:

That’s how localizations work. They overwrite just about everything else given by either the base game or mods.

You’ll have to change the tagname if you want to change existing text while playing with a localization.

humm it makes translation difficult… i think very few modders know that.
Is there any chance that Crate change that ?

It is the file in the Assets tab?

You need to click the file in Sources tab and right click, click Auto-Create Asset

I explained the mechanism of localization for Modder and Traslator.
Probably, the thing which you want to know is written here.

thank everyone !