Tainted Power also converts Electrocute to Vitality Decay?

So I recently made a Tainted Power Aether Ray Warlock build, because who doesn’t want to run around disintegrating enemies with a giant red laser beam? :smiley: But I was wondering whether I could go with pure Chaos/Fire/Vitality damage, as Disintegration does Lightning and Electrocute damage too, but the Tainted Power skill transmuter only mentioned “100% Lightning Damage converted to 100% Vitality Damage” - nothing about what happens to Electrocute.

But, to my (pleasant) surprise, when I got to use Disintegration, I found that my Aether (Chaos) Ray does not have any Electrocute Damage, only Vitality Decay. I could even see the visual effect of the vitality decay on enemies or the target dummies. I am quite sure as I have no equipment or skill that’d give a spell flat vitality decay. So this is useful info for those who are looking for flat vitality decay damage, as it is not easy to get, as far as I know. I wish this was displayed in the skill description, though.

My new question is, though… what about the % Aether damage that Disintegration gives? Is that transmuted to Chaos as well by Tainted Power? Otherwise, there is not much use of that extra Aether % damage increase. Anyone knows how this works?

IIRC this bonus is applied before the conversion and then the extra damage you got out of it is converted to chaos, but your %chaos is not applied to this part to avoid double dipping.

Direct damage conversion includes DoT conversion, that’s why Lightning converted to Vitality also counts as Electrocute converted to Vitality Decay. No item, transmuter or skill modifier specifies that it does DoT-only conversion.

The % Aether damage on Disintegration is additive with your total % Chaos damage (on the 2nd page of your character window) but doesn’t show up/change the number, it’s just used for damage calculations for transmuted AAR.

Yeah, but other such modifiers - like on items- show the conversion of the damage over time damage type too, hence my confusion. At any rate, it is a good thing as my build does not have any lightning/electrocute damage %.

Thanks! Good to know.