Talk about “Inversion of Devotion Binding”

build: Purifier, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

This is a test build about the Devotion Binding. It inversion the “Devotion Binding” that make we can decide when we need what devotion skill in game battle.

“Bursting Round”, “Chilling Rounds” and “Storm Spread” now is not use to bind to the devotion skill, they just increase the number of strikes that acting on both “Fire Strike", “Beronath’s Fury(Left hand)”, “Beronath’s Fury(Right hand)”.

So 3 devotion bindings inversion from (“Bursting Round”, “Chilling Rounds” and “Storm Spread”) to ( “Fire Strike", “Beronath’s Fury(Left hand)”, “Beronath’s Fury(Right hand)”) for weakening its randomness.

3 skills(“Bursting Round”, “Chilling Rounds” and “Storm Spread”) inversion from devotion binding to just increase the number of strikes that weakening the randomness again.

And “Storm Spread” now is binding to “Reckless Tempest” because this skill is prone to critical strikes.

Of cause, sometimes “Beronath’s Fury” will enhance your attack power. 90% of the time I can hold 1 “Beronath’s Fury” buff and will appear 2 “Beronath’s Fury” buff when I am standing still.

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