Technical Issues, Low Performance

Apologies if this kind of post has been made a hundred times before but I’ve tried everything I could think of and am just wondering if anyone has any ideas left.

I’m having trouble running Grim Dawn at 60 fps consistently. Heavily populated fights dip down between 20-30 fps. I’m also getting stuttering and temporary lockups, usually when loading into a new zone or walking far enough a zone I’ve been in for awhile. Changing the in game settings doesn’t seem to do much of anything, maybe a 5 fps boost from low shadows/lighting.

From looking around at similar issues, it seems like GD is heavily CPU bound and specifically does not make good use of multiple cores. Am I just screwed in this case?

Things I’ve tried:

-Uninstall, reinstall
-Installing to an SSD instead of an HDD
-Messing with CPU affinity (Half cores, disabling core 0, ect)
-Messing with GD’s priority (High, Realtime)
-Messing with the options.txt
-Defaulting GD’s settings
-Disabling Vsync and Triple Buffering in game then forcing them through the GPU software
-Unparking cores
-Closing background applications
-Whitelisting GD in windows firewall/antivirus
-Disabling Steam overlay
-Running Steam in offline mode

System Specs:

Intel Core i7 8700K
GTX 1080ti
16gb RAM

No overclocking.

It must be something else. My specs are ryzen 5 2600 with a 1050ti and i get an average of 48fps with a 1% low of 40 everything max cept AA is on 8x.In caves i get around 90fps on average.It may be a driver issue didn’t update my driver for some time as i am waiting on my new 1660ti which will force me to update driver.I am also playing Grimmilion which has increase mob density and i get max 5fps drop when the screen is clutter with mobs but my fps still stays above 40fps and thats with a 1050ti.

One thing you can try is use DDU to unnstall your display driver.Download an older driver like the 39x.xx and see if it makes a difference its rumored that nvidia stop support for gpu’s when they bring out new tech.GD doesn’t have a massive requirement to run.It should run perfect on your pc aka over 100fps without vsync

PS:By only dropping my lightning effect to low and Weather off i got 60 fps average with a 1%low of 51.

My PC is quite shit, but GD does eat FPS like Snorlax eats food. I’ll put some comparisons:

TQ with max settings (literally everything) runs on 60FPS (maximum my PC can pull off - not a gaming PC btw), GD, which has increased requirements, usually runs on 20 - 40 FPS outside of caves, very often drop to 20 and below in fights. In caves it’s around 40 - 60, under 20 when fighting a fuckton of enemies.

Newer games, Fable Anniversary, Risen 2 and Risen 3 run usually on 40+ FPS, ELEX, which is from 2017 (the newest game I’ve played) literally runs on 30+ FPS (usually 50), but there’s an issue where my PC can’t handle the game and it causes the FPS to drop. The first day I launched it (exactly the first time) it ran on 60 FPS all the time, then after restarting the game it dropped to 30+.

So basically, GD is way heavier than ELEX on max settings, which my PC cannot handle, and changing the settings to lower/est only increases my FPS by up to 10, which still drops to 20 and lower in fights. You can compare graphics from ELEX and GD, staying still in both games causes me to have 50 - 60 FPS in ELEX, 30 - 40 in GD.

Small graphic comparison:

(both screenshots are from the internet)

Did you see if anything here helps?

Also see this:

I’m not sure I’m willing to switch to a previous driver to test that. Lighting and Weather options do make the biggest impact on fps along with shadows but even with the absolute minimum settings it’s still struggling. It’s worth nothing that I am also running a mod of my own making that increases mob density as well. Obviously the vanilla version with less enemies runs better but unless I am mistaken I should be able to run both just fine considering my set up.

Tell me about it lol. I have very little issue running other games that have greater requirements than GD. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who’s frames are getting gobbled.

I did. I’ve been through the first post before and tried the second multiple times with different settings.

Seems like I might have to cut the increased mod density and lower the usual stuff in the video options to get it running alright. GD doesn’t want to play nice with my system for whatever reason. Thanks for the suggestions.

Any more ideas?