Temporary Duplicated Nightblade Mastery

Seems the game decided for me to go solo nightblade :T.

After testing, seems to happen while clicking very fast from Nightblade tab, to Select Class tab and then to nightblade in select class (first time i was trying to click occultist and seems i clicked nightblades border instead)
Its consistent, but cant say it happens everytime, because the speed at which i do it varies every test :(.
Clossing screen doesnt fix it, but reloading game does
Running game under Proton in Manjaro Linux
EDIT: Its the exact same tree than first tab, doesnt give ability duplicates, and levels simulatenously with first tree, thou this devs probably already know.


out of curiosity, when it happens, does it actually give you another nightblade tree, and able to pick skills from it?
can i get to make a double nightblade class?!?! :exploding_head:
(if so please don’t patch this out Z :pray:)

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So that the skills add up?
30% dodge become … 60% dodge xD

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You can see in the pic (which was from the first time i got the bug) i have the second tree selected, and i can tell you it isnt a different instance than the first tree.
I havent checked if it doesnt level simultaneously, or if it gives you ability duplicates, but given my suspicious of how it works i doubt thats the case, specially if reloading game cancels the bug.
Essentially, it just locks you out of the ability to choose another functional tree if you dont reload
EDIT: Now ive tested it, and no it doesnt give ability duplicates, and levels at the same time

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It’s the same mastery and skills it can’t give duplicates. The way the game works makes duplicates impossible unless you actually go and add a duplicate by hand.

This is probably how “Fabius” plays the game, especially in deep shards of Shattered Realm, which has dual Veil of Shadows, dual blade barriers, etc., etc. :crossed_swords:

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