Temporary Shelters Question

I’ve tried using them a few times but they never fill with workers. How far away do they need to be to get used? I’ve got a fisher that’s well away from the town center and he’s only working at 24% with the majority of time wandering to and fro stocking etc. you’d think he’d take advantage of the shelter since it’s completely stocked.

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I had mine atleast a couple of screens away from my main town and they were never used

Same not sure how they work.

They’re more like emergency shelters that your workers use if they need to. I’ve only seen a couple of workers in mine once.


Mine do get used, but mostly during blizzards is when I notice it being used. If you are far enough from town and don’t quite yet have everyone fully geared with coats, it is about the only way to save them.

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Hmm so the only real way to gather resources a screen or two away or more is to build houses and have a storehouse etc out there with them? Then in theory it’s the wagons that should transport over the long distances? Does this work for any of you?

The in-game text says they’re used to stock up on firewood and food in order to shorten workers commute time and increase efficiency, but does not say how it works. I put one right next to an iron mine, thinking it would be useful since the mine was so far from town. No workers are ever in there, and I have no way of determining whether they eat the food, or if it spoils. Worker efficiency was at 3% before I put the shelter there, and it is 3% after, so it doesn’t seem to do anything at all.


I have had successful use of temporary shelters in two different ways:

  1. They are used by villagers in remote working locations to stock up on food and water. If they are “seeking food” and the temporary shelter is closer to them than the village (and is stocked with supplies which your supply wagons should do) then they will seek out what they need from the temporary shelter before heading back to work.

  2. They are used by villagers in remote working locations when the temperature becomes “deadly cold”. I have had all five of my temporary shelters filled with villagers during that weather event (the one where everyone stops working and scurries indoors). It sure beats having them try to run back home and die of exposure, and since constructing them I haven’t had any.

As for the wagon question a few posts down, I have only seen the wagons pick things up from work camps and mines, and they do not currently shuttle goods between storehouses. This means your non-camp-and-mine villagers will have to hoof it back to town with whatever they gathered, which is a bummer.


I managed to build a really remote coal mining settlement but it was painful… I did build a temporary shelter but it was never used. I also built some houses but it doesnt prioritise the houses for the people who work out there. The wagons were good at taking back the coal to the centre of town though so that was good… Im not sure why the maps (even on medium) are so big when the game mechanics don’t really support distant smaller sattelite towns really well.

Well put. Yeah hope they’re working on fixes for that. Really all they need to do is have workers live near their work and problem solved.

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OK, explains why I never see anyone in those although they are fully stocked and far away from town (where I finally found clay). People keep going back and forth.

In order for remote locations to work, we would need:

  1. People should choose the closest house to their work

  2. A “mini” storage building would be nice for those remote locations. You could define thresholds for everything you store there after which a wagon transfers to the “main” storage facilities in your city.

  3. Wagons transfer goods between storage facilities. This would make it possible to have satellite towns that still have access to pottery, furniture, etc… although they don’t make it themselves. This way, your remote mines can be “not so remote” in the end.

On my huge map (started alpine-hugemap-vanguard) it’s incredible how big the map is. I can’t imagine ever being able to have people working close to the edges in the current game. Predators and raiders are sometimes annoying but not that of a problem. Being able to efficiently extract resources far away is.


Have you enough wagon shops?

Those wagon shops are important to provide the supplies to those temporary shelters. And it also important to build a well close by, they also need water.

Check the supplies of the temporary shelter, if those are low then the problem is with the wagon shop. If their is a lack of wagons, then the supplies don’t reach the far away regions.

If you get a message of dehydration, it wil mean that their is no well close by.

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I always have 1 or 2 idle wagons.
I always build wells not too far, at least for fires.

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I started building temporary shelters near guard towers after I saw a guard leave seeking food right when his tower was attacked by the raiders


Tried several combinations using them, most remain unused. The only one I have that is used is next to a remote mining, brick, blacksmith, smelter and brick complex and that is usually stocked with food and gets 4 people in it, but the expansion one next door built after seeing that gets nil. Yet there are more than enough people on site to fill them both. The ones placed near work camps never fill as I think the camps are themselves accomodation as well as production… but then again many of the teams just go home in winter… It’s odd and not easy to fathom a real system …

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I got one once that both were out: one having some fun at the pub and the other was getting weapons in the middle of the fight.
When they returned, there was no more “tower”.:joy:

I place the temporary shelters by remote work camps, forager shacks, and hunting lodges. I almost always see then occupied during blizzards and heavy snowfall events. I never see then in use outside of extreme cold.

No. Do not put a storehouse out there. The wagons would just go out to the mine and take the ore from the mine to the storehouse 5 feet away and then leave. Then your foundry workers would have to run all the way out there to get ore. Just put the temporary shelter out there and that’s it. The wagons will bring the ore back to town and keep the shelter stocked with food/firewood. The workers will go in there to grab food when hungry and shelter during blizzards.

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How would you have it if the adults in the household worked in different places? Would you want one of them to change their job to somewhere nearer their new home, or find a home equidistant to both jobs?

It doesn’t seem like the game has some sort of family system.

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