Terrifying Gaze (DEE) scaling

I feel that Terrifying Gaze from Dreeg’s Evil Eye suffers from horrible scaling and seems to be in need of a buff?

The Stun and Terrify chance & duration are locked at level 1, only the acid/poison damage and poison duration scale, poorly I might add, per level. Increased Poison duration is pointless as it gets refreshed with a new cast of DEE. Energy cost increases per level.

So as a crowd control (CC) tool when spamming DEE, you are disinclined to level it past 1 to keep energy cost low.

I suggest letting the chance of Stun/Terrify scale from 13% at level 1 to 19% at level 12, about 0.5% per level. Max out at 24% at Ultimate level 22.

That way, DEE becomes a more reliable CC akin to Olexra’s Flash Freeze if you heavily invest into Terrifying Gaze.

The DEE transmuter Focused Gaze should also improve Terrifying Gaze’s Stun/Terrify chance as the skill becomes unspammable due to cooldown.

Other suggestions are welcome.

It’s great for Focused Gaze DEE though, with the existing scaling…Also, if Focused Gaze had a decent CC, it would be insanely more powerful than it is now, and would cause many, many issues.

In general, you use that for Focused Gaze DEE, and not Spam DEE, and that’s O.K.

Yeah…I’m not sure what to do about it exactly, but there is literally no reason to ever put more than 1 point in it.

The confusion chance going up honestly wouldn’t do anything either, for poison builds mobs are confused/killed by a single tainted eruption proc