Thank you all

For what it’s worth, thanks to all the devers that scour the boards and do their best to make this and the game experience enjoyable.

At best, it can be tedious, time consuming–compounding the process from feedback to being able to reproduce and deciding when, where and how a fix might be needed, and frustrating, and that doesn’t include having to deal with players who can only manage to say ‘x is borked, pleez fix’…leaving one to think, “Wow! Thanks for the clarity in your feedback.” . (I fully admit to being a jerkbag like that on occasion)

Game dev is often a thankless job, so…here’s my cup of “thanks a sh*t ton for what you all do (player feedback included), and taking the time to work with us during the EA process.” FF is far and away one of the best builders I’ve ever played, and is on course to get even better.


Amen! Heartily seconded. :clap:

:clap: :clap: :clap: Well said.

Hear hear! Overflowing with gratitude for the builders of this game which I am struggling to put down. Thanks for your hard work creating FF and can’t wait to see it achieve it’s full potential in time.


Hear, hear! This game is SO complex, and trying to keep all the code in line must be like herding cats! And how many games do we play in which we have had no opportunity to interact with the developers! Yeah, I complain, but praise is due, too.

Hoist a tankard to the developers!

I endorse all the above; a really fantastic game which provides me with a little frustration and lots of pleasure and helps to keep me sane (I think)

Yeah here for this - I have been an EA player since launch and have spent a good chunk of that on the even-earlier builds. The game is a blast, and I can’t help but keep playing. Fast dev cycles have been key to my joy thus far. MOAR!

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