Thanks, Crate

… for not giving up and providing one of the coolest experiences in an ARPG I’ve ever had.

So, where do I start? I started played back in the B20+ Updates, maybe earlier, maybe a little later, the only thing I know is the maximum Level at that point was 40.

So. I have been playing Grim Dawn since than, I also stay in touch with the german community here and there (played tons of Titan Quest before).

I just love this game. I don’t even know why. When I play it, I really feel the love you guys have put into the game. Your design of dungeons and enviroment is absolutely mind blowing to me. When I see the Artwork of Grim Dawn and how every item looks different, I just feel how much you guys care, and as a player I thank you.

I was a huge fan of ARPGs since I played Diablo 2. But Blizzard has given up in my opinion on providing good, enjoyable games. Diablo 3 is not a bad game, but there is “basically” only one thing to do, and since it is not really a business product for them anymore, it is not going anywhere.

I will be honest with you guys, at one point I thought “What is Crate doing?” - One Update in like 3 Months that adds a dungeon. I feel bad that I thought that. I wanna apologize big time.

So, back to business. I reached 61 in Grim Dawn with my Purifier and started Gloomwald (No Spoilers) - and man, I haven’t even played 30m of the Expansion and I can’t stop smiling. It’s so good, I love it. It makes me absurdely happy (I’m a 25 years old grown man that feels like a child having it’s first christmas) - I just had to give you guys that positive feedback.

Thanks for this game. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing. I purchased everything last weekend (Crucible+Malmouth+Loyalist). I had to support you as much as I could.

All the best to you guys, and your game.

So far, so long…