The Acid House - Acid based DW Witch Hunter (Venomblade Set)

That’s what I’m currently using because lady luck hasn’t been kind to me. In burning over 100 Ugdenbloom I only got basically every other conduit variant BUT the execution one :mad:

I’m going to try out Superfluffs change to using Iceskorn Talons.

As soon as I have the time I’ll change the character and test it a little bit :slight_smile:

So apparently I was wrong. The poison DoT from NHH treats Shears, AQC, and WD as separate sources of damage. So maybe that one point in WD is worth it.

Don’t do this to me! :wink:

Updated the original post with my current setup.

Can’t thank you guys enough for the help and inspiration so far.
I bet I’m still off in some places but I basically completely dropped the points out of SS (which I should have done a long time ago) and redistributed them.

The build feels a lot more fluent in killing speed now. Did my normal Ugdenbloom farming route and ran into Kuba - it wasn’t an easy fight but I killed him with a little bit of kiting.

2nd Nemesis killed: Valdaran on a Port Valbury run. Killing him felt easier than Van Aldritch and his homies.

Sadly I got my 5th death (total ^^) on trying to clear Ancient Grove. Gargabol punched me a few times too often in his second phase (and I had him down to 10%)

couple more ideas. Seal of annihilation in amulet for 5% AS. You also get the OA/DA shred proc.

replace rings with 2x DEathguard for quality Execution,flat dmg 8% more AS etc.

Idk also what relik is best. I’m looking ad Deathstalker falt dmg and rr and Malediction buff. You’d have to test and see

Also remade calc for more DPS. You don’t need both ABB and ROS aoe

You can also redirect skills to amarasta quick cut too

I’ve also been thinking about changing one of the weapons to something different… if I did that, I would lose points on Ring of Steel though…
Basilisk Claw or Mad Queen’s Claw would come to mind…

The more I test and start going into my usual farming routines with this character, the more it becomes clear that I probably was just very lucky only dying 4 times until level 100. My defense doesn’t seem to be very reliable… sometimes I go through a dungeon (e.g. SoT) in a breeze, barely stopping to pick up loot and my HP bar almost not moving at all, sometimes I get obliterated… I guess I have to find a way to get my DA up more.

Finally got the correct Conduit Amulet, the character immediately feels like it performs better.
Also made the ring changes now.
It’s still not a “tanky” character in any sense but so far it seems to perform in normal farming duties, and it kills stuff quite quickly :slight_smile: