"the big one" is it worth it?


i starting to play a 2h gun class(until now Demolitionist) and i was thinking about spend points to get the skill “the big one” is it worth it?

you´ve got a guide for me? i play selffound and wanna play later with dualwield if i get the right item for it.


No, mortar sucks, don’t get anything from it

what should i get?

Mortair is fun, I actually liked playing around with it in the Crucible. Not very useful in the main campain though.

The big one is worth 1 point at least. It’s powerful but suffers from long cooldown, and - I don’t know how it’s now, but in it’s scaling was pretty terrible - 12/12 was just x2 damage of 1/12.

Mortar Trap and The Big One were buffed with the last patch, so give them a try.

i find the mortar trap okay,

not good if you are using a character that clears everything on its own very fast , but very good if you need some extra damage with a certain build (have 2 characters that use it, and it works pretty good with those)

It’s a support skill, not a main damage skill.

I have 2 builds that use it. But even in these builds the skills usefulness really comes into question when pretty much everything else in my repertoire lands the finishing blow.

I can post a vid of my 7K HP Nuker sorceress in Port Valbury. I got smoked in the “Flames of Valbury” section though. But you’ll get an idea of it’s damage output in comparison to other skills. etc etc. Mortar Trap on that build is at 26/16.

I’ve tried making multiple builds that raise it’s damage further but have had no luck. My ranged Savagery+Mortar Trap Elementalist comes close but don’t feel the build is optimal. I feel I take way too much damage on that build.

It’s still a fun skill to use regardless, but certainly could do with a further umph to it’s damage imo