The Decree of Aldritch is really hard to drop!

This thing really have a low drop rate!

So far have almost 2 Uroboruuk’s Guise complete set and a bunch of random itens and sets (most incomplete, but repeteable, so can complete). Want that for my warlock build.

You can consider trading others for it in one of the trading topics of the forums.

Otherwise, it and the other roguelike Boss drops are meant to be fairly rare. Keep trying at it though! In vanilla, I spent weeks + traded 3 times for bulk quantities of Ectoplasm/Corpse Dust for Skeleton Keys after running out trying for Shar’Zul’s Worldeater. When it finally dropped, it was by far the most satisfying moment I’ve had in the game.

Side note, the Bastion runs also set me up for life on Ch’thonic Blood as well, I’ve never ran out since :joy:

Wow, can imagine! I have passed 50 attempts (lost count last week) and still nothing. I’ll keep trying, and see how many more times I’ll need.

If you’re talking about this:

I actually am leveling up an HC Apostate right now who is going to use this. I’m a long time leveler (legitimately leveled almost 70 characters, 16 of those in hardcore) and I have way to many hours in this game. I actually have an extra one of these if you want it. Just let me know and we can trade on steam. I’m looking for an Alkamos of Dread for another character, if you have one. If not, I’ll just take some mats. No biggee.

Thanks, man, but (believe it or not) I am actually having fun with the farming. At least got some itens for future builds!

At the moment am using the Spark of Reality am will test it later.

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Not a problem at all. If you get to the point where it’s ‘over-the-top’ feel free to buzz me.

And another good one is the Shard of Askertan. If you drop it. depending on what you’re actually going for.

The drop rate was slightly buffed lol, it was under 1% if I remember correctly.
Lucky I got mine in Crucible, and over 60 keys for Sharzul, more than 120 keys for a good rolled Mog mace.

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Decree of malmouth was the one that took the longest for me to see drop!

Hang in there

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To this day have not gotten a fresh worldeater. Traded for a few… then my friend gets the drop the first time we step into BoC. Persistence is key, sanity is essential. Don’t burn yourself out if you can help it.

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Thanks for the replies and support! =)

I am taking my sweet time, playing other chars when I’m tired and just enjoying the view.

On another note, tried to use the wings mod but it doesn’t work. Anyone knows a way around?

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It dropped!!! =D


I the 2500 hours i have in grim dawn I have only ever had sharzul purple mace drop once in BoC. and i have ran than more times than i have hit reroll stats button in baldurs gate.

RNGsus giveth and taketh away…it took me several hundred runs to finally get both of Alkamos’ rings once upon a time. My buddy did it in 5 trips through SoT. Go figure.