The DW Aether Defiler

I searched in this forum for a decent defiler build and yea… found nothing. so i did it myself. The Idea is to convert nearly all fire damage to aether, bescause there is nearly no synergie between demo and necro.
The only way i found to put these two classes together is the “mythical Dreadfire”. If nice rolled it converts nearly 50% of your fire damage to aether damage. Dual Wield (you will need the direwolf crest for it) meens nearly 100%. So we go for the full fire strike and some passives in the demolition tree. on necro side we go for the reaping strike to heal ourself + some passives and the siphon souls (converted to aether).
The other gear pieces are just easy. Get some aether damage plus and some survival stuff like resists or life leech.

Here is the full build:
current version: (

old version:

If you like the build, i will write a guide maybe. but its nearly impossible to level this from lvl 1 because you need several important high lvl items to use this. maybe the best way is to skill overpowered skeletons on early levels and reskill later.

Much of this is just based on theorycrafting. till now i didnt try the super bosses. big groups of elite are easy to face tank and kill in 2-3 seconds so it could work. atleast u will easy finish the game on ultimate with it.

Thank you for reading and NO! english is not my mother tongue. i am really sorry for that.

just in case i make a guide for it

I suggest the following changes :

Removed useless over capped points to other skills that benefits from more points

  • Flashbang
  • Blast Shield
  • Backwater cocktail that reduces mob threat by 20% for 2 points
  • the [INSERT NAME] skill that absorb damage > very good on bosses

Looks good - thanks for posting!

Your OA/DA and stun resists are way too low
Did you consider this?

Chthon ! You are a bloody magician =_=
How can systematically improve build by giving them + 500 OA and DA without losing resist ?


That amazing item called Fateweaver Raiment deserves all the credit.

This is the first time I’ve seen that caster armor and just makes me weep about how weak Agrivix caster chest armor is.

“How weak Agrivix Set is” to be more precise

That’s one of the mythics that could use a buff.

Yeah, but the chest armor is probably the worst offender on that set.

Valdun’s Chestpiece could use some resists as well :undecided:

I REALLY REALLY want to play a DW Fire strike character. Tried to come up with something but I always let myself down. OA/DA sucks, mess up some conversion etc.

Build making is definitely not for me… Any ideas/links other than this one?


And that GT link I posted are the ones that immediately come to mind

Aren’t you a sweet boy

Exsanguinating you won’t be enough mortal

i updated the build fpr more resistances and armor… still missin a bit of OA

updated again… i guess it reaches more and more the final version