The Fart that is Prismatic Shield

The Prismatic Shield is great.
But i tend to get a little laxative when it shuts down.
I hear a little fart everytime…

It is VERY NOT empowering!

You have slain multiple bosses, in an epic battle which cost you a lot and has drained your energy. Shall i continue… (Burpfart…) Prismatic Shield :" hihihi …SOWWY…"

God this is annoying.
The shield is terrific for my build. Which means i will continue to fart as mankind needs my guidance.
I shall NOT give in. And continue to be flatulent!

I really want to get rid of the skill, although the skill itself is fine.

Get rid of the sound.

But seriously, listen to it.


how about activating other skills/buffs when the ‘fart alert’ is going off? just to cover up that fart alert with other sounds.


to be honest, if you’re playing acid/poison builds, then having some skills giving out farting sounds are obviously a good thing. since you’re dealing more acid/poison damage that way. especially when soiled trouser and fewmets of the questing beast are equipped.

oh, let’s not forget that many monstrosities we face in grim dawn often burps and farts at us. so its only fair that we fart back at them. dreeg the cairn witch god of acid/poison probably farts 24/7, but he’s too busy crying and dealing acid/poison damage to himself (and many cairn entities) to notice the farting problem.

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An “Excuse me” skill would be sufficient. I love the way you’re thinking :smiley:

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