The Fluffy Squishy - Pet Conjurer

To add to what Medea said, it’s always worth checking your character in grimtools (upload your character to GT, not just check your character sheet in game) after making major gear changes, gaining several levels and skill points, etc. You can easily over invest in points past the cap when you’re switching gear around that has innate skill points. The overcaps will show in red on the GT link, you can click to remove them out of the red to see how many points you wasted inadvertently. I have about 50 maxxed out characters and now and then catch myself going in the red by over investing in a skill. Sometimes even builders do it too so it’s always worth while to check closely and make sure none of the skills are over invested.

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hi, im finding it hard to follow mayas devotion recommendations because they dont seem to tally with her lvl100 fluffy squishy build.

for instance all through her build she uses devotion like raven, 4 points in rhowans call, tortoise etc that she doesnt reference below.

so do i follow the below map that she listed at the top of the page, or something else she has listed somewhere else that i missed?

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

No, that works. She’s just missed saying that Tree is only 4 points and not the entire constellation.

And if you look at the current GT link for Fluffy Squishy, it uses exactly those same constellations.

Don’t forget she’s updated that build over the years. The constellations used have changed since she first made it.

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ok, thankyou

i will keep following her recommendations. tbh at normal/veteran difficulty it isnt mattering anyway i dont think. i can stomp pretty much everything. although i did just die after doing chamber of souls. got too close to something that one shot me :frowning:
definitely squishy lol

Hi, can someone tell me if there is a conjurer pet build similair to this one but with mythical heart of the mountain for amulet? I’d like to have chillmane pet but don’t know how to modify the build to be as effective

Just look for any conjurer pet build that is not using the bysmiel’s set and slap that amulet on. There are many choices. Duskdeep, Deeblemin, Madlee all have builds you can pick from. Conjurer is tough to screw up.

Okay, will try, thanks.

Hi, Maya. I am getting ready to start a brand new hardcore project with my best friend and we’re both going to do variations of your pet Conjuror. She will be all support and I am going for full damage.

How should the two builds differ as far as attributes, gear, skills, and devotions?

Wait…I just saw that Maya is banned. Crap. Does anyone else have any suggestions for my upcoming project?

I’m sure @Cockatiel will be able to help you.

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If you are interested, I actually built out an elemental support toon just for an elemental pet conjurer that I’ve never had a chance to try. I believe this has a lot of benefits to an elemental pet conjurer, sources of fire, electric, and cold dmg and lots of heals and buffs and additional elemental rr for the other toon and pets. And of course, seals. :slight_smile: Like I said, I never got to try this out in team play, but coupled with an elemental pet conjurer I think there is a lot of potential.

You can directly reach Maya through her reddit -

But for now I can act as the messenger bird(pun intended)

Same sources of debuff do not stack. So 2 players both casting 10/10 Curse of Frailty on the the same enemy for example, will refresh the duration of the debuff rather than stack the resistance reduction. For this reason it would be better to go with 2 different classes instead of both being Conjurers.

That said there is no reason why you cannot make them both pet conjurers either.
This is the support Pet build by Maya: Nevermore - Dark_One Pet Conjurer.
It is intended to take advantage of the Healing potential of the Class rather than provide RR or damage support. But since it was also designed to be Solo-play viable, you will find overlapping skills that can be spec’ed out of and their points invested elsewhere. Assuming you don’t intend to play the support build on its own solo, changes can be made like for eg- Conjurer, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Fluffy Squishy is not an offensive focused build however. It is more of a tank. If going full damage is the idea, an elemental(fire ideally) Beastcaller Briarthorn pet conjurer going Mogdrogen devotion path might be a better choice. Eg- [] 4400000 dummy DPS Khonsar Beastcaller Conjurer -> 3:59 Crucible + 170ex 6:26/ Callagadra 2:00 + Ravager 44 sec + Crate 24 sec + Mogdrogen 1:15 / SR 110

With Fluffy, having another fluffy squishy rather than a dedicated support build might actually prove more effective due to the aforementioned defensive/tanky nature of the build. Another option would be to go with an entirely different/opposing build instead of a complimentary one.

Ishtar - Pet Ritualist / Inanna- Pet Ritualist for eg are both Vitality Reap Spirit based builds and as such don’t really compliment something like Fluffy Squishy. But due to their different damage types high resistant enemies won’t be an issue. Eg- Mogdrogen has high resistance to lightning damage and takes some time on Fluffy Squishy but is easy on Ishtar.


Aren’t you embarrassed by the number of green things with double rare affixes? the final result depends entirely on the presence or absence. I don’t talk about rings at all, even about two blue ones, I don’t think it’s worth recommending this for assembly))

huh?.. There are no green items in the grimtools link.

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I’m talking about this part of the text. If I misunderstood you, I apologize in advance.

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Okay I understand now where you were going. Although the build itself is upfront about being gdstashed.

That build in particular is also intended to speed run. It’s an exercise in theorycraft, not a build per se.

It makes sense to go for all double-rares in a case like this.

I did not make it. Someone else created it.
It was recommended because high damage was requested. It is not supposed to be easy to assemble.

I understand that someone else did. and I collected pet drivers on different types of damage, including this one. therefore, recommendations of this kind seem strange to me when there are REALLY assembled and working builds))

I have built and posted several builds that use LOTS of DR greens. No apologies. :smiley: