The Fluffy Squishy - Pet Conjurer

Yeah pets start out a bit slow. Another reason why it is better to level with Familiar since it is Ranged. They do get better late game though, once you get items and devotions that increase their speed.

Personally I play softcore as I am not a fan of permanent death mechanics. But the build is hardcore viable as I don’t really die except maybe in higher shards of Shattered Realm where you get insane boss combinations and end up getting swapped into Gravathul’s Red balls by Valdaran or something.

@Lyrrados personally, I think the Raise Skeletons from Necromancer are a real powerhouse early on. Though, at mid-game, they start the become incredibly squishy. Ashes of Malmouth acts in Elite will just tear them to pieces…

I hated Skeletons so much that I ended up using Lokarr’s Set + Potions of Clarity in my Beginner build Diary for Necro because I couldn’t take it anymore. :frowning:

I don’t like skeletons regardless of at which stage of the game or how much you buff them with items and devotions…

Birbs have ruined me.

(Blight Fiends are cool though. I have been Critical of those fat blobs, but have come to love them greately)

Yeah, the skeletons are pretty strong, but the randomness of which ones you get irritate me.

You know, if this was made without a set or an assumption that you’ve already got pieces. ie. for a newb. It’s be worth trying, but how would they know what to aim for and where is the starting point?

Here you can find beginner pets by Maya The Carnival - A Guide to Pets

That is why I included the beginner’s guide section right 2 posts down from the OP.
It is the same one Malawiglenn linked above, so you can just click on it instead.

hey, loving the build. what do u recommend about the factions? i’ve already killed barrow 'cause i dont like cannibals, but what about the forgotten gods exp factions? (bys, dreeg and solael)

:sob: , Barrowholm has some of the best stuff for pets. But it is ok ,we can work around it.

As for FG factions, you can go with whichever you prefer as the choice doesn’t lock you out of the other 2.

So for example, if you choose Bysmiel, you can still buy stuff from Dreeg and Solael.

What it does affect is which faction you do quests and bounties for. So if you ally with Bysmiel, you will gain reputation faster for them compared to Solael and Dreeg.

As we want to get Revered with Bysmiel ASAP, that would be my personal recommendation. But the other 2 also have good stuff, so go with whichever you prefer :blush:

yeah, i saw after killing them that u used their stuff =x but i only had 1 char before this one, so i wanted to see what happened if i didn’t ally heh

thank you so much, u r awesome!


Btw, made slight changes to the builds since no barrowholm

Budget Build:

Main build:

Should work fine.

oh my. thank you so much =)))) you are the best

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Hello, great build, I am playing it as first char in GD
I am really amzed by Grim dawn

I have question related to item crafts (Helm+weapon)

Can you please hint, which smiths should I use to craft them?

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Entirely upto you. I don’t really bother with Crafting bonuses.

But I would recommend either Angrim for the pierce resistance or Kaylon for Stun resistance.

You can find all the crafting bonuses here:

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Can you upload some starter skill and devotion level up for this build each 10 level like the Birds of Bysmiel - Pet Occultist. i have the pc at home follow the pet occulist and now want to try this build at my laptop. Just have over few dozen hours with grimdawn and love it. Thank you very much.

Follow the Pet Occultist to lvl 100 and then pick Shaman as your secondary mastery.
Or, put enough points in Shaman early on to Get a 16/16 Briarthorn and leave it at that till lvl 100. You can take the points from Hellfire and Infernal Breath.

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Hey, Maya…the wife and I are really enjoying doing a new hardcore project and following your pet guides. We just hit lvl 50 – she is running the Hyseria relic for the crab and I wanted to ask you about Guile. That’s what I have been running. Seems to make sense because so many of the pets do physical damage and that 15-yd wide radius hits everything for nice bonus. What’s your opinion on that until I can get something better?

Yes, Guile is good early on. Even more so in Group Play.

Well, I have crafted the helm and blade and I have respeced devotions from Mordrogen to Healing rain+Natures guardian
And it is blast now - I was able to slay Valdaran, Fabius without any trouble. I found Kubacabra only once and I was able to kill it too
So the build is working very well

I have however hard time to find any upgrades, mainly Bysmiel set :smiley:
I`m farming various places (twin falls, Krieg A1 end, Cronley A2 end, Broken hills beast, FGs 2 beatles
I have also farmed Dark One set in the meantime for my another character.
I did not tried any “Skeleton key” dungeons, crucible or shattered realm but…

Is there some way how to farm some of those set items? Or is it really just pure luck?

Unfortunately, it is indeed pure luck :frowning_face:

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