The Fluffy Squishy - Pet Conjurer

Yeah, Mogdrogen’s stun is dangerous. Since he also deals exclusively lightning damage and has like -80% lightning RR, with his projectiles shotgunning, it is like facing a super-powered Birb :sweat_smile:

As you noted, the lack of stun res does not help with things. So it is mostly about careful positioning to avoid getting stunned in the first place, which his small size and numerous pets don’t make easy…

Pets should not die too much against Mog, atleast the Familiars shouldn’t. Briarthorn / Hellhound dying is normal. But if you want an easier time Switch to Mythical Voidmancer for Mog fight and you get immortal Pets :stuck_out_tongue:

Mad Queen kind of has that Aura which combined with Familiar’s having multiple projectiles… yeah. If the boss had Callagadra like stats, that would have been a near impossible fight…

And speaking of Callagadra, pets dying left and right is perfectly normal for that thing is designed to shred Pets. Only way to avoid that is to use Reap Spirits since they can’t die :yum:

Now, with proper micro, these fights do tend to be easier, but I personally don’t bother with it. So not necessary in my opinion.

For SR, that is one of the reasons. But mostly it is because the build is tuned towards being easy and lazy to play, even at the cost of sheer power.

Also, glad to hear that it was able to fulfill all your needs :blush:

Now, for a bit of advertisement, if you want to try something faster, like much, much faster interms of kill/clear speed, check this out: [] KaosKats V2 Taking pets to the Darkside || EVERYTHING+++ 5.37 Cruci ||

It is not the same powerhouse as Fluffy Squishy defensively, but interms of damage it can output, it blows pretty much most if not all current pet builds out of the water. And there is never such a thing as having too many pet builds :3

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First off: love your builds maya. You’re the OG pet guru.

Second, are skeletons not viable, or do you just not like them because they require too much micro?

Third, does it trigger anyone elses OCD to leave points in the crossroad? Or is it just me? Lol

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Welcome to the forums :blush:

As for Skeletons, they are viable… kind of. It is just that with the same amount of effort regarding both gearing them up and actually playing them, you could get a much more powerful Pet build if you focus on another Pet (Hellhound aside, since it is also weak atm).

It is not necessarily a micro issue, but more like powercreep and indirect nerfs leaving it in a weird state. Patch is promised to bring some pretty big changes regarding pets. It could bring about nerfs, but hopefully also buffs. We will see what happens then.

As for leaving points in the Crossroad, can empathize :yum:

Can i ask, how do you convert 100% of pet physical damage to elemental damage? Cause i see only 54% from Bysmiel Mindweaver, and can’t find anything else.

Rings do the rest :stuck_out_tongue:

I have little clue about this game honestly, so forgive me for stupid question. I saw you were testing this build also: [] KaosKats V2 Taking pets to the Darkside || EVERYTHING+++ 5.37 Cruci ||

Would you say both this and chaos pet builds are equally strong now?

Fluffy Squishy is built more for comfort and laziness. Its “strength” hence will have to be measured accordingly. So if you want to face-roll on the keyboard while relaxing and still be able to do stuff without a sweat, Fluffy Squishy is the answer.

But Kaoskats while difficult to pilot (comparatively) and requiring one to actually pay attention to what is happening on the screen, is a offensive powerhouse that Fluffy Squishy can never match.

Hello thanks for the build, I’m using it right now with my 71 level character. But why do you use the skill ‘‘Possession’’ ? What does it do? Is it useful?

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Welcome to the forums :blush:

Possession is mainly for the Damage absorption and Chaos Resistance it provides. Both help while leveling before we eventually swap it out for Primal Bond.

Very exciting day for me today!!! Today was the day that a fourth bit of the Bysmiel’s set finally dropped!

I was so happy Maya I think I lost about 5 minutes of time as I don’t remember banking it into IA or even really picking up anything else from the SR boss room. (I probably did at least get any purples as I tend to pick them up no matter what)!

Unfortunately having just checked the Grimtools from your Fluffy Squishy I have very little of the rest of it - lol!

So I guess I will try to make a scuffed version of it using your guide as inspiration.

Rudegirls also just told a delightful story about how the Fluffy Squishy got it’s name from the chillmane granted by the Heart of the Mountain amulet that you found I guess quite a long time ago now.

I still hope to be able to finish your Fluffy Squishy build one day; knowing my luck just after Crate nerfs pets into the ground. XD

Double Briarthorns is always my main goal as I love Briarthorns the most but the game is doing a really great job of pretending that the Mythical Beastcaller set doesn’t exist at all for me. I guess it will just be even more exciting when it finally does drop though.

TY again for all your work you put into the guides!!

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I gotz gud news :blush:

Fluffy Squishy went through many versions before I settled on this. Bysmiel’s Trinkets is the only thing you actually need to make this work as intended. So if you have a list of Pet Purple items you have, I can easily tailor make a build for you


And yes, originally was based on Mythical Beastcaller set + Chillmane. But that was well before Forgotten Gods expansion was even announced :yum:

Also, ty for the kind words and glad to hear the guide is of use :blush:

Hi Maya,

That does sound re-assuring. I’m hoping to start levelling the build over the weekend.

I spent a bit of time last night putting a build together based upon the gear I had.

I have one piece of Mythical Beastcaller set (that probably dropped a couple of years ago). It was shoulders but I transmuted it into the helm as I felt that was probably the best piece I could go for.

Otherwise I tried to stick as close to your blueprint for the build whilst mixing and matching in a few pieces to try and shore up either my resistances or my pets resistances.

Off hands - Well, wasn’t much choice. I have a load of Boundwraiths and I can craft the Mythical version of Og’Napesh but not much else stood out.

Belt - Yeah, this kinda sucks. I don’t even have the non-mythical version of Nosferratis so I guess Mind Control is going to be sketchy. Belt I went for did give some pet bonuses though and a lot of pet pierce res which I really needed. No + skills though.

Pants - I just went for something with a lot of res here. Nothing on them for pets but sorted out my res issues. I do have the Mythical Wildshorn pants but wasn’t too sure if I can get away with not using them. It seemed like it’s mostly for the retal damage / pet skill bonuses & life. If they are a really core part of the build I can try and fit them in.

Chest - Fiendmaster’s Raiment seemed like a good fit to me and made up some of the loss of pet aether / chaos res from the 3-piece Beastcaller set.

Shoulders - Fiendflesh Mantle. Again, seem decent with good pet stats. Not sure if the proc stacks for both the boots and the shoulders but if they’re stackable (or can proc separately and have their own 10k absoroption amounts) figured it might help a bit.

Otherwise I think my gear matches your own pieces from the guide so hopefully they still remain optimal in my version but can probably change some bits if needed.

Devotion wise I really like to have a bit of a fiddle with these. I hope you don’t mind. It’s mostly experimental and I’ll change back to yours if I ever get the full set of gear needed for your build or if I feel my version is underwhelming. TBH I just mostly fiddled things around a little bit to fit in the Behemoth devotion which I just like running on pet builds or casters. I don’t think I have really screwed things up as I kept as close to your version as possible but feel free to tell me I’ve got this horribly wrong and I’ll just use yours. Not super fussed either way.

Anyway, that’s where I am with the build atm. I realised afterwards I will need a few more points in cunning I think and maybe one or two augments may need to be swapped round. I also prioritised getting the Briarthorn taunt but those points can easily be moved elsewhere to Primal Bond, Manipulation or anywhere you feel would be better.

I feel happy that the build at least to my eyes looks ok. I don’t expect it to perform the wonders yours does, just clear the skeleton key dungeons and maybe a bit of SR farming. SR wise I’m not looking to go super deep. If SR 50 in Ultimate is doable I’ll be fine farming that until better bits of gear drop. If SR is sketchy then that’s fine, I have a FW Warlord I am happy to use and she’s doing SR 55 very happily and finished a 65-66 run last weekend which I was very pleased with. I’m still pretty new to SR (only been at it a few weeks) so it’s all still a bit scary atm - lol!

Sorry if this wall of text is a bit much!

I hope you are well Maya and have a good weekend. :slight_smile:

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Good news and Bad news :stuck_out_tongue:

Good news is that pants aside, the items are pretty much what I would have suggested. Nothing wrong with what you have atm though.

Belt, if you have Mythical Shadowfiend’s Cord, I’d recommend that instead as the +1 to Occu would help alot.

Now the bad :frowning::

Not maxing Primal bond means you lose out on a lot of free goodies. So, personally I’d go for something like this skill wise:
Took the points out of stuff for Pet health, but it shouldn’t cause too much problems :yum:

Devotions… not exactly a problem per se. But build could really use Shepherd’s Crook. The reason I took it out on Fluffy Squishy was mostly because it had enough stats to get by without it. But it is one of the most important Pet devotions, especially considering cost efficiency for what it provides.

But if you wish to keep Behemoth, that would mean giving up on Crook or some other important devotion for Crook. But if you are happy with the current damage output, no need to change the devotion setup even with the full build :sunglasses:

Walls of text is my speciality :smirk:

Ty and you too :heart:


Hey Maya,

Ty for the input. Glad to hear that at least most of it is ok. I’ll be happy to follow your GT with regards to skillpoint allocation as some of that was me shooting a bit in the dark so TY for providing me with a template to follow.

I’ll keep a lookout for a Mythical Shadowfiends cord. I do have one but it’s on my Ghol’s Ritualist atm.

I think my reasoning for not taking crook was the whole factor of not feeling like I need to cast something every 5 seconds. I prefer the longer cooldown stuff in general like the proc from Mogdrogen. But I can definitely bind it to CoF I guess so it might not be too annoying! I’ll have a play around with devotions again. At least I don’t think Behemoth gives anything useful res wise so losing it won’t mess up my resistances.

Edit: Ok, I guess this is v2 of the build:

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Possible to map out how you allocated the new devotion points my dude?

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Not too sure if you are referring to me or Maya Prugor but you definitely shouldn’t be following my devotion path. Much better to stick with Maya’s assuming you have all the gear. She gives a few options of Devotions in post 3 and a levelling guide in post 2.

My devotion path is really just my attempt to get close to her Shepherd’s Crook devotion path and cram some more ele res in for my character. I drop Typhos to do it which isn’t ideal AT ALL!!! I may still end up following her Shepherd’s Crook devotion path anyways if I feel I can make up the ele res some other way.

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It was a reply to Maya. At the top of my post, there is a reply symbol with Maya’s name.

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Shepherd’s Crook
Scholar’s Light
Remove Purple
Remove Shepherd’s Crook
3 points in Rhowan’s Crown to get the Proc
Staff of Rattosh
Remove Jackal
Sailor’s Guide
Tree of Life


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hi! budget fluffy guide link does not work. when click on it - it actually takes you right out of forum. any way to fix the link please!?

Everything seems working on my end. Can you specify which link is causing problems?