The Fluffy Squishy - Pet Conjurer

It was a reply to Maya. At the top of my post, there is a reply symbol with Maya’s name.

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Shepherd’s Crook
Scholar’s Light
Remove Purple
Remove Shepherd’s Crook
3 points in Rhowan’s Crown to get the Proc
Staff of Rattosh
Remove Jackal
Sailor’s Guide
Tree of Life


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hi! budget fluffy guide link does not work. when click on it - it actually takes you right out of forum. any way to fix the link please!?

Everything seems working on my end. Can you specify which link is causing problems?

your Mar 19 post about it. is there another link to the build?


That is outdated by more than 1 year :rofl:

Look here instead: The Carnival - A Guide to Pets

Enjoyed this build until today. I even farmed all the items myself.

Yeah the nerfs to it were savage

just started the fluffy build, should i better stop and switch to another pet build? thx

Wait for updates from Maya, birb knows what they are doing.

For an unskilled player CR 160 became deadly on certain encounters. I enjoyed running around and having average clear speeds, but today I almost died 3 times, when blessing of Ulo went off. I think this patch is awful, hit casual players very hard, and was unnecessary.

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It’ll be fine, just carry on with it and then when Maya adjusts the build for this patch, you can then change it.

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Maya is neither “he” or “she”. Maya is a bird. :bird:

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I don’t understand - of all the pet builds that would have been affected by this patch, this would be one of the least nerfed. All three pets are heavily invested, and thus should have regained most of the damage lost by the set nerfs. Where are you feeling hit the most? Bird Damage?

Pet survivability wasn’t hit too hard since those set bonuses were kept in, so I’m curious where you feel the nerfs were “savage?”

Hm… I haven’t updated it yet.

Infact only just saw the patch note… Not sure I want to update, especially if this is going to be the last major patch.

I know Zantai said about making pets less reliant on sets, but I don’t see the buffs to compensate the nerfs to sets.

Not sure where to proceed interms of changes. Can someone get screenshots of the exact values of stuff in the current patch?

This 1.1.9 crap really has me annoyed. Pets were handled terribly. Sad to lose this incredible build, especially as it is my main (completely legit) hardcore farmer. Would be nice if they’d change it up a bit, so as to keep the integrity of builds like this one before they call it quits. Sad to think the last update could just be an f-you to pets.

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In what way did you loose it? What can you not do anymore?

It just doesn’t feel the same. I’ve been using it for quite a while now. Previously posted a nice HC 1-170 Gladiator, and really loved the flow of the build. Just seems slower now. Maybe I’m imagining it, but although my tankiness seems fine, my actual kill times seem worse. Bird just feels very nerfed.

EDIT: Can still do this pretty easily, but the pets die A LOT


This is exactly how the build works for me now as well. This is just a terrible nerf hidden behind “pets are now less reliant on sets”. Builds from Maya worked for years, and they were the only reason I kept playing the game. Why was it necessary to nerf them in the last patch in a single player game?