The frequency immigrating event

I found that the frequency of immigrating event seems become much lower than before. So that, the game becomes a bit of slow for version 0.83. In my game, the house is sufficient and the happiness of people is nearly full. The building is also be built such as theatre . But the immigrating event appears nearly once in 4 years (maybe 3 years. I don’t why and how to increasing the frequency.

Thank you

In my current 8.3a game, I also found Immigration slowing down after reaching Tier 2. But in Tier 3, with a consistent 7 - 9 months of Food on hand and at least 25% excess housing and high Happiness, I started getting 9 - 19 Immigrants at a time every year (base population when that started was about 350).
I assume those were the main factors in the increased Immigration, since they are what the game mentions as Immigration Factors, but the immigration increased when I had also finished walling in the entire city with stone walls and had completed the Theatre and converted the bulk of food production to more stable farming instead of hunting and gathering. I would think those would also be factors granting more attractiveness to the town and more security to the inhabitants, but there’s no mention in any game file that I’ve found.

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It appears happiness and food are 2 biggest factors. You can get immigration events with little excess housing but I assume it plays a part

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Agreed. I got influxes of up to 15 Immigrants at a time with as little as 5% excess housing (20 housing slots in a population of 400) as long as I had 7+ months of Food stockpiled and Happiness in the green.


Wait what? It takes +/- 30 years to reach 1k pop. Make sure your villagers are happy and they’ve got 6+ months of food. Keep building houses (keep it 100+ slots over your pop) and markets, even if houses are empty, they still pay taxes :slight_smile:

No 30 years is the goal I’m working towards. 37 has been my best. Trying different things. It’s hard. But in theory it’s possible. Luck may be involved as you need the 14+ people immigration event most years on top of the smaller ones that occur

31 years my best :slight_smile: I would get it earlier but 2 raids in a row I’ve lost 60+ ppl each :frowning:

You should stream that. I would love to see your build order as it’s seemed ive hit a wall


It’s year 22 now and it’s not the highest one I had :slight_smile: Similar number is being born each year. If anything, it seems like it’s a bit too easy now.