The game desperately needs more ambient and enemies variety

Hello everyone, I am 32 years old and have been playing games for over 20 years. Played all the classic ARPG, Diablos, Torchlights, and a few that most people didnt even heard about.

But Titan Quest was the one, Steam says, even that I cant confirm nor deny the number, I have exactly 2164 hours played. Since its release it never was remove from my computer, when I had to change hardware or reinstall Windows it was the first game to be install.

Now I hit 220 hours of Grim Dawn, one character almost ending Elite and 3 between levels 35~50 but still on Veteran. After all this time I came with a sad conclusion, and this conclusion hurts, not only because Grim Dawn has undeniably changed my beloved Titan Quest formula to the better, but also added so many amazing things, and it still, unfortunately, lacks its soul.

The Soul that made me create and finish the game (at least on normal) with every single class available, without the need for mods, only TQDefiler because that potion stack was to good to pass. But now I am here, with 4 character, barely scratch the potential of the improved class system, and I am excitant to say that I dont want to play anymore, I didnt even reach the “end-game”.

Something like that never happened while I played Titan Quest, that because TQ had this variety of scenarios, creatures, items. Ancient architecture very well represented where enemies would match that respective culture and mythology as well as the items you found, specific sets based on the Spartan armour, the Egyptian pharaohs and chinese assassins. It was so incredible, after a few hours of play the world around you would completely change.

Grim Dawn has this feeling that you are not progressing, I understand that the lore and the way the world is dictated is how the GD scenarios are represented, the logical way, a dying world, full of desperate people that are trying to live of what was left of it, but its not an amazing way, the way that makes you eager to keep playing even after dozens of hours.

I am tired of always being in a swamp, ruin, shack, underground dungeon, always fighting some variation of Humans, whish again are part of the lore and understandable but I dont want to fight human cultists, human bandits, big humans, small humans, dead humans, during all the difficulties of all the characters. Even when I saw a portal that would lead me to the “underworld” I had massive disappointment when I realize that it was just a grey desert with ruined shacks, again.

The Titan Quest feeling only starts to pick up a bit when you reach Fort Ikon, Gates of Necropolis, Necropolis Interior, Tomb of the Watchers, Seal of the Loghorrean, but that is to late, its the final 20% of the gameplay.

I sincerely hope that patches and expansions will enhance this game to what it can be, to its full potencial, because this game has a solid foundation to support its growth. We desperately need more enemies, better and unique ambients to bring that feel of importance, of a Titan’s Quest.

All my best wishes to Crate and everyone involved in this project, after what you delivered to us we all know that you are competent and hard working people that can accomplish much more.

FYI TQ act5 best act ever.

TQ had 3 acts, IT added a 4th, so not sure what act 5 is :wink:

I assume it is IT…

As to environment, yes TQ was more varied, that always was a bit of a gripe for me in GD as well, even though the areas are now definitely more distinct than they were initially. It’s not enough to turn me away, but I liked the brighter more varied TQ setting.

TQ has 4 acts and IT added the 5th.

Nope. 3act base TQ plus 1 for IT.

Though there has been an act5 project-something by the community. I don’t know if it has been a fanpatch or something else entirely, I admit I’m not following tqnet that closely nowadays. Maybe OP is talking about that?

Obviously Act 5 was Lilith.

So, FunkyCat, essentially you’re getting at the art style of the game? I’m assuming you like the giant structures of Fort Ikon/Necropolis populated with viciously dangerous foes? Understandable. Hopefully there’ll be more of that in expansions.

Agree with some of your points.

Desert themed area when

I believe base TQ had 4 acts, even though ACT 4 was just the huge path that lead you from the portal to the last boss but it was officially an ACT if you opened the quest log.
Act 5 must be IT.

On Topic: I kind of agree that we dont have enought enemies or maps, we kill humanoids from act1 to the end boss

How easily we all forget that Grim Dawn was made from just a tiny team with a very particular budget! I mean, you made some good points ok i 'll give you that, but what we have today is way more than what the team had originally planned. I am pretty sure that we will see great things in the near future especially now that the game is out and Crate have some solid money on their pockets. Ign helped a lot(We need to acknowledge that) and of course various Youtubers. The game sells great, it has great reviews and great scores on both Steam and Metacritic.

As for you criticism, personally i love the general setting, they need to work on the voice acting(a lot) and more ambient sounds, more enemies, more story, and better dialogue is always a plus.

Normally i wouldn’t ask for the above on any Arpg title, but Arthur himself had featured the game as an Arpg with strong baldur’s gate influence(or something like that:p) in an interview! Arthur, you said it, now you have to deliver!:wink:

I agree with a lot of what the OP is saying as well.

I think you’re just suffering from burn out. I find GD’s environments better and more interesting than TQ’s.


TQ:IT and the Hades campaign was the ACT IV. You can check it on your quest menu.

Does this help move on from the “Five!” “No, four!” argument?

I agree that we need more variety, but what we have is certainly understandable given the size and resources of the team. Perhaps mods could open up the options as well.