The gamepad changes in today's update (

Not sure if this is the correct forum for this, but I wanted to grouse a little about the gamepad changes in this update, and request a reversion to the previous behaviour (unless I am the only one who thinks it’s worse now?).

What changed? Formerly the left analog stick was a virtual mouse. This meant anything you could do with a mouse you could, eventually, do with your gamepad. Now the cursor jumps from menu item to menu item and “sticks” to the preset buttons instead of having freeform movement. When I initially noticed this, I did not intend to complain. With an adjustment period I thought it would be about as good as before, merely different. But the more I use this new feature the more frustrating it becomes.

Inventory management is much worse than before. I used to be able to set the analog stick and glide up/down/left/right tapping X to drop or sell in a rhythm as the cursor moves along. Now the cursor is jerky and unpredictable and not close to as smooth as it was before.

Managing an inventory with a gamepad in a UI designed for mouse was never going to be great, but as a tv/couch gamer I’m used to that. Two World 2 did something similar for gamepads with it’s inventory management and it was clunky there too but at least the cursor did not try to stick to empty inventory squares.

The problems with inventory are twofold. One, it just takes longer to move your cursor across the screen than it used to, and two the cursor often moves in ways I did not try to initiate and wouldn’t at all want. Items in inventory are not all the same size so if I want to move through a row selling stuff it’s hopping back and forth. Even on something as simple as the main menu I would argue it’s very awkward and unpleasant to see a mouse cursor but not be able to move it.

Another example of this is tab 2 of the character stats page. If I want to mouseover stuff, expand/collapse sections and use right analog stick to scroll up/down the cursor jumps to the left side of the screen and I have to jerkily move it back to the right to see the stuff that used to be easy to get at.

Yet another example is seeing the random mods in a dangerous domain. I used to open inventory and move the cursor over to that area (which wasn’t great, because if there were a lot of mods like in crucible some of them would be behind the inventory screen UI) and now that is just impossible.

Even moving around on the map to find a portal feels so bad now. Cursor jumps around instead of me getting to where I want to go. I’ll stop listing examples because if I haven’t secured agreement at this point I’m not going to.

I get that just tying mouse cursor to an analog stick and calling it a day probably draws the occasional accusation of laziness, but it’s far and away the least worst thing you can do without taking the to design a proper controller UI.

Please revert this, or at least give a menu option to make it work the way it did before. This change has made interacting with the game feel 10x more janky than it did before. This is a really bad change.

PS. As long as I’m complaining about gamepad, Vire’s Might is busted. Regardless of the target lock setting it only hits the closest enemy.

Edit: I did waaaayyy too much typing for this. This is so obviously bad I shouldn’t even have to explain it. Try playing with gamepad for 5 mins and I dare you not to start pulling your hair out. How did this even get released.

Yup, these changes are dreadful

Worse than the inventory are the skill and devotion trees. It’s like a blind maze trying to figure out which button to press to get to where you want to go

Old system was fine and needed zero changes. Can’t play at all with this