The Hobbit extended DVD's

So, i was a huge fan of The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey, and Desolation of Smaug.

Battle of the Five Armies I hated. It was a jumbled up overly drawn out mess.

Having said that, the extended DVD’s were a much better movie experience altogether.

I watched them all this week, and I have to say, the bonus content really improved all three movies. The sequence of Galadriel rescuing Gandalf was expanded and a really great scene in the series.

If anybody has a chance to pick them up and watch them, do it. It’s worth it.

The Hobbit movies were pretty good, but personally think LoTR movies were done much better.

Question though (for lore heads)…in the Fellowship of the Ring Gandalf basically seems surprised by the ring, and even had to go and do extensive study about it and that Sauron may be coming back.

However in the Hobbit (which takes place some years prior) he is involved in a Battle with Sauron’s spirit and, well, seems pretty damn aware he’s still alive in some form. Even when they defeated him the lady elf explicitly states he’s only been banished to the west, not that he was defeated.

So did they kinda break the lore/continuity of the movies/books here?

Gandalf was researching the ring he found to confirm what he suspected, that it was the One Ring. He wasn’t researching whether or not Sauron was returning.

Any info on the return of Sauron is merely mixed in with researching the One Ring. Also, informative for those not familiar with the story.

Were the extended DVD’s like 6 hours long a piece:p?

Still will have to watch them anyways as i liked the movies, and you said they provide a better experience so that’s always great.