The Invincible Spellbreaker


The Time Lord - Aether Spellbreaker
(formerly “The Invincible Spellbreaker”)
Grimtools/calc[/b] (updated 12/13/2017)


I’ve updated the build heavily and the defensive and offensive stats are both greatly improved without losing any CDR. The build is much stronger now and is considerably easier to play. I just successfully face-tanked and killed Grava’Thul, Gladiator Crucible is next. The character I’m currently using to test this build was created with GD Stash (I will be creating the character legitimately once I’ve farmed the majority of the items for the build).


  • Primary damage is Aether damage.
  • Secondary damage is Fire damage.
  • +2500% aether damage without procs, +3100% with moment of clarity which will be up ~100% of the time thanks to our CDR
  • Primary damage skills are 26/16 Devastation and 26/16 Callidor’s Tempest (buffed by mark of anathema)
  • Debuffs are Eternal Haunt (-15% Aether Resistance), Annihilation, Veil of Shadow, Olexra’s Flash Freeze (-68% Fire Resistance), and Arcane Bomb (-35% Aether Resistance)
  • ~3K OA
  • +46% crit damage without procs, +71% with moment of clarity
  • 170+% cast speed
  • 50+% CDR
  • can keep devastation going constantly
  • 180% energy absorption
  • Krieg’s Fury will trigger once per second thanks to our CDR
  • Spear of the Heavens can trigger twice a second thanks to our CDR
  • Aldanar’s Vanity, Time Dilation, Albrecht’s, Eternity, and Clairvoyance all provide extra conditional CDR reduction
  • Clairvoyance allows us to regenerate our energy when we start to run out.


  • Over 9000 Health
  • All primary resistances maxed. Some resists overmaxed/overcapped.
  • ~10% physical resist without procs, ~30% with Ghoulish Hunger which can be up ~100% of the time thanks to our CDR (have to be at 45% health to trigger it though)
  • 7% ADCtH without procs, 92% with Ghoulish Hunger
  • ~3K DA
  • 39% dodge chance and 30% deflect chance
  • 22% constant damage absorption from Maiven’s
  • Resistant to all major forms of crowd control (80% disruption, freeze, and stun resist, 95% slow resist)
  • Nullification to remove evil debuffs.
  • ~2200 armor rating when Golemborn is up, which should be ~100% of the time thanks to our CDR
  • Our amulet can trigger a 7% + 469 health heal every 2.5 seconds
  • Thanks to our CDR Giant’s Blood will be triggering almost constantly, so we’ll almost always have 500+ health regeneration while fighting things.
  • Olexra’s Flash Freeze can be used to keep trash mobs frozen almost 100% of the time thanks to our CDR
  • Mirror of Ereoctes and Blade Barrier are almost always up. When fighting strong bosses you can alternate between them to have 100% damage absorption almost constantly.



  • invulnerability via 100% damage absorption ~90% of the time in practice
  • the playstyle is actually pretty fun
  • crit all the things
  • very good aoe damage (all our primary damage sources are aoe)
  • fast movement from Shadow Strike
  • not too hard to play once you get the hang of it
  • reasonably tanky even without using MoE/BB constantly due to 3K DA, high chance to dodge, maxed resists, and high % damage absorption


  • only 9K health - play carefully
  • probably not hardcore viable


Video: Nemesis Monsters

(all testing done on Ultimate difficulty at level 100)

  • Warden Krieg :heavy_check_mark:
  • Cronley :heavy_check_mark:
  • Acts 1-4 hero packs :heavy_check_mark:
  • Swarm Queen Ravana :heavy_check_mark:
  • Karroz, Sigil of Ch’thon :heavy_check_mark:
  • Undergrowth :heavy_check_mark:
  • Galakros, the Mountain :heavy_check_mark:
  • Kubacabra, The Endless Menace :heavy_check_mark:
  • Benn’Jahr, the Colossal :heavy_check_mark:
  • Loghorrean :heavy_check_mark:
  • Valdaran, the Storm Scourge :heavy_check_mark:
  • Fabius “the Unseen” Gonzar :heavy_check_mark:
  • Moosilauke, the Chillwind :heavy_check_mark:
  • Zantarin, the Immortal :heavy_check_mark:
  • Grava’Thul, the Voiddrinker :heavy_check_mark:
  • Archmage Aleksander :heavy_check_mark:
  • Lokarr :heavy_check_mark: (video)
  • Avatar of Mogrodgen
  • Fevered Ravager of Minds
  • Gladiator Crucible

vids or it didn’t happen

Sometime I wonder if I miss some fun on softcore ? Just think how much sweat it take to level something like this all the way to ultimate. If he leveled it legitly I bow in respect =)

U have one point from overmaxed Devastation

i’d love to try hardcore, but i can only game so hard before major stress fractures lol. if i played HC i’d be dead by now. so softcore it is :smiley:

@OP 5k hp?! i can’t imagine there isn’t some room to add more HP that wouldn’t affect your CDs. And you can still crit constantly at 3k OA you don’t need 3500 imo.

Also I would add Mythical Mark of Divinity for another 100% absorb on 2m CD, would be a decent emergency circuit breaker for those pants down moments. And +820 hp :wink:

Surely @4.8k hp, 95% of all purple+ bosses are going to 1 shot you in ulti, especially with only 2.2k DA, sub 2k Armour, and when it comes to the first 50% of AoM only 75% poison resist?

Also you only have 3 celestial procs, of which 1 is a CD proc and the other granting the generous 2.2k DA…

Sorry, but this feels like a troll build. Unless you, to quote actuanpanda: “Vids it” - Haxxored

I have some recorded, just trying to dial in my execution a bit better. :slight_smile:

Per the OP, the current character is a test character and wasn’t leveled legitly. I created a new character and “hacked” it to verify the build works. I do plan on making a legit character using this build, but likely won’t use the build when leveling (because it won’t work).

Thanks, didn’t notice that.

Yeah, only 5k hp. You’re right, I’m sure there is room to add some HP. That’s why I said the build needs some polish. :slight_smile:

I think the devotions are most in need of adjustment, tbh. They feel pretty terrible right now (I’ve got 3x elemental debuffs, but going for both ultos and hourglass stretched me pretty thin). It would only take a few points to get a bunch of health.

I honestly had no idea how much OA was needed to crit consistently, so I invested like crazy in OA devotions, skills, and cunning. If we can dial that back to 3000 without the crit-sensitive procs like eternity and time dilation suffering we should be able to get a lot of health (probably ~2k).

Would mythical mark of divinity trigger if we get hit with something that would take us below 0 health? If so then yeah, that’s a great item and totally worth throwing into the build (removing tempest sigil loses us 1% CDR in the ultimate levels of star pact - rest of its stats are pretty garb).

Another medal which might be even better because it gives us much needed offensive stats on Calidor’s Tempest is Mythical Mark of Anathema.

Anyways, here’s an adjusted build with more health and no tempest sigil. We sacrifice ~400 OA for ~1500 health, overbuffed elemental resists, and a significant damage boost to Callidor’s Tempest (3 levels and 40 flat aether damage). I’ll update the build in the OP once I’ve verified this build works properly.

EDIT: Got ninja’d.

We have Mirror of Ereoctes and Blade Barrier up almost 100% of the time. I’ve managed several purple bosses so far per the testing section. I’ll have a video up as soon as the limitations are clear to me. Edit: Make that in about an hour, because you guys seem so doubtful.

I have an adjusted build above with ~78% poison resist and ~6.5K health, which will probably help a little with survival, but the main purpose of this build is to be cheesy by using 100% damage absorption invincibility the majority of the time. I haven’t tested AoM yet but it’s coming up.

OP did say he is new to the game so I’ll try not be too much of an asshole

-You couldn’t be further away from the word “Invincible” even if you tried to
-You mentioned this build might get nerfed, no it won’t.
-Your logic behind making this build work isn’t correct. CDR is like any other stat. It’s useless if you build solely around it
-Your HP and defenses are grossly low. An end game boss would kill you by simply sneezing (these are bosses who eat Loghorrean and Marcell for breakfast)
-You don’t have a fixed damage type for the build
-Olexra’s Flash Freeze is useless regardless of what build you play from an end game perspective


-You already seem to have gone with Spellbreaker. So your only option is to build around Cold Damage type for perfect synergy. Aether, Pierce and Poison (yes) will work as well but Cold would be much easier for you
-Since I am not aware of the gear you possess, I will use faction gear in my suggested setup

That is by no means perfectly optimized as I just made that up but it should be much more safe to play with

If my response was a little vitriolic I take it back and welcome the video demonstration. I’m still not entirely convinced that a build with such low HP and DA to boot would be able to handle the high end stuff, but I am prepared to masticate the humble pie loitering around in my mental food store :wink:

Galakros, The Mountain
The Undergrowth

My execution of the build is still very sub-optimal. I need to prioritize using Blade Barrier over using MoE, but I keep using MoE twice in a row which puts me in a terrible situation with my cooldowns. As I said, I’m still learning to play this build.

If you guys have a preferred boss/nemesis you want to see me test the build against let me know.

Nemesis, you say? Don’t bother

-Your damage o/p is way too low. It took you forever to take down easy bosses like Sylvarria and Galakros
-Galakros brought your hp down with a single hit, a nemesis would send you back to town with a single hit.
-It is as I said, CDR is like any other stat. It’s useless to build solely around it
-I noticed you kept using OFF against Galakros, you do realize OFF doesn’t damage any boss right?

Your build is lacking both defensively and offensively

I wanna see a Grava’Thul fight.

Can a Nemesis 1^3 shot a character? And would that be like being killed and rezzing to start the game on normal mode at lvl 1? :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: oh wait that’s HC mode

The second both BB and Mirror are on cooldown at the same time Grava will just one punch a character with this low health and DA.

I’d liked to be proven wrong though.

That was my thought, hence the ever so slightly sarcastic question. And ditto, I’d like to feel the humiliation of my previous posts…

Past Loxmere would have fun with you :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe present Loxmere would too, haven’t ran into him in a long time.

What Chthon has said is true - by building around CDR, you’ve neglected many core defensive capabilities. Sure, you can negate a massive amount of damage through Mirror/Blade Barrier but when a hit does eventually come through, it’s going to hurt. You want enough survivability to take one hit and recover before the next ideally.

You would do better to build your health and DA up and try to maximise the gains to CDR as you do so that you still have a fallback. Mark of Divinity will not help if you are killed before it has a chance to activate.

It’s the same/a similar mindset to a build someone posted a long time ago about building largely around maximising Deflect/Dodge.

Tried fighting Kubacabra, the Endless Menace. I didn’t die at all, and could have kept going, but he healed way too fast for me to actually kill him. I think I got him to half health at one point, but the build is just too immobile to avoid the pools which heal him when you stand on them (even with 100% damage absorption), and doesn’t deal enough damage to counteract the healing (which is a lot). Now that I know standing in the pools heals him I might be able to fight him, but I feel less confident in my ability to kite out of the pools when fighting him then I do fighting immobile (there’s a lot of cooldowns to track, and if I’m not hitting him I’m not critting to reduce my cooldowns).

If other Nemesis monsters don’t have healing capabilities (I don’t think they do?) then I should be able to handle them. I re-crafted Clairvoyant’s Hat and Iskandra’s Texts for an extra 3% CDR, which made a pretty big difference. I think another 2% CDR is possible (20% CDR on Iskandra’s and +1 to star pact from something), but I also don’t see it being really necessary. I was able to take a hit or two from Kubacabra when BB/MoE were down, so I think the build is feasible.

I think I finally have my execution down for this build. The extra CDR really helped with consistency and I’m confident I can go up against pretty much anything so long as they don’t have healing.[/spoiler]

EDIT: SCRATCH THAT. Beat him. Had to learn to play the build a little differently with kiting. Was a lot riskier and I died a few times because I hadn’t used the build like this before. I’d also never fought Kubacabra, so there’s that.

EDIT 2: Video proof:
All my deaths were avoidable - they were because I made a mistake with my skills. Either casting things out of order or just being absolutely stupid and running in without putting MoE up.

Some thoughts on the build based on usage so far:

  1. It’s very technical and challenging to play. I’m going to have to update the OP on this.
  2. Even 1% of extra CDR can make a notable difference.
  3. Devastation provides most of the damage against bosses. I could probably spec points out of Callidor’s Tempest because it’s not providing any signficant damage, but I’m not sure where I’d put them.

The invincibility is a little touchy, but in ideal (lucky) circumstances against single targets you can go for up to 15 seconds without more than a handful of frames where you’re vulnerable to damage at all, and kiting/health potions can cover those frames easily enough.

If you are new to the game using words like “invincible” is a really bad idea. This is far from invincible when there are enemies who can kill you through blade barrier. I could name a number of different bosses you won’t even touch who will swat you as easily as swatting a slater. In fact I know one boss who would kill you basically just from being near you.

You should listen to what these guys are telling you. Go try this build in gladiator crucible or go fight one of the real end game bosses. You haven’t faced any of the nemesis really and what is the point of being able to survive an enemy if you can’t kill them? Invincibility consists of two things, survivability and the ability to actually kill what you are trying to survive.

My advice is play the game through legitimately to the end of AoM and do all the sealed dungeons and fight the secret bosses. Do it all legitimately because until you have the proper understanding cheating in builds is kind of pointless.

I’ve been seeing a lot of shitting on this guy for trying an interesting approach to the game. Who are you to say that cheating in builds is kind of pointless? If he’s having fun with it let him have his fun.

I for one support you and wish you luck on your build! A lot of people here get butthurt because they think you’re bragging about your build because you use the word “invincible”. Feel free to ask for advice and listen because most people know more than you, but don’t let the haters bring you down.