The Korba set.. Not bad

I would like to think I did an OK job of this… I think the skills and devotions I took were good and they work! Now going to try and beat Lokarr! If you can do it better with OA and DA not reduced to the depths of hell then by all means give me a look at your version on grim tools.

Have a look here at @Nery 's build [] Full Korba Trickster, no tricks and no greens, just pure melee!

I get it though, you wanna focus on RoS (which is somewhat the meaning of Korba set right?)
But, you do not even have RoS maxed!
plus you have no Raging Tempest for RR, no lethal assault and no exclusive (Stormcaller pact)

Oh hello again, my friend! :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, my build is kinda outdated and not 100% optimal . I tested one with 26/ 16 RoS and also green Mi shoulders, blue amulet not giving +1 skills anymores, so needs to go, defensive route and Mark of Dark Dreams is better too.

I’ll do something like this in terms of skill distribution and items. Not sure if Dying God is worth it after nerfs. Probably no and Yugol route is better.

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@malawiglenn I did have what you mention but for me I felt way to weak and squshiy! Yes I lost damage getting rid of stormcaller but was worth it for survival! Raging tempest for the RR, look you could but if you can survive then it’s not needed. Lethal Assault is ok but the way I did it you get your OA already. And I’m already using savagery I don’t see the point of pressing another button for a little extra which, going by what I see in the grim tools … As you say I want to focus on RoS whichs work like a charm… It was maxed but I reduced it for resistances. @Nery I will one day have that ring set but atm I do not… One day!

Don’t worry, until you find them you can use the cheap Elemental balance rings. Stormcaller and LA gives just immense amounts of damage.

As you can see from my GT, you can both max Ring of Steel and Savagery’s line without compromises. If you die Serenity relic, Bat and Wendigo Totem are possible solution. But since you are melee build(or hybrid) more damage=more life steal=better defense.

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But damage = more life steal and less time fighting! Lethal assault should give you like 1/3 extra wpn dmg.

And stormcaller pact gives stun resistance which is huge for survival

And devotions, why dont you have ghoul?

Because I don’t need it to live.

ok, have fun :slight_smile:

Hey guys! First post on these forums. Loving how much time I have on this game these days. I am just dipping my toes into endgame. My first 100 (set-less as hell) who can farm Ultimate has produced his first full set for a new character, and it’s a Korba’s! I am excited, it looks pretty fun. So, it’s Trickster time! I have several of the other items on Nery’s GT set-up, though I am lacking those shoulders - looks like I’ll be going Kymon on this toon.

Please allow me a rambling question for malawiglenn and Nery. How would you recommend levelling? I have a relatively stocked collection of levelling gear due to my multiple sub-75 characters hoarding up en masse, but am likely still missing some good stepping stone gear. In your opinion(s), would it be smoother to level with a 2H, then swap over? And if I go DW from the get-go, should I go with cold-focused gear from the beginning or are other flat damages superior?

Thanks for any help! I can’t wait to have a more complete character, my EoR Templar is strong despite under-gearing, but I’m ready for a new roll.

Hi and welcome to the forum!

You can start leveling DW with ABB/Shadow Strike and later switch to Savagery. Farming Spectral Longswords is easy too doing Arcovian Undergrounds/Steps of Torment.

You can see my guide for some ideas.

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Thank you so much, sir! I’ll be starting it soon!

Regarding those shoulders - that grind to get Nemesis for DV sounds very un-fun, Those shoulders sure look tasty, though. My only char I chose Kymon (slimy bastards) for has hardly enough put a dent on the way to Nemesis. As your original guide features those common Silver Sentinel shoulders, am I seriously gimping myself if I stick with those?

I have one of Alkamos’ ring already (off my first ever kill of him as I kited him, terrified) and finding the second will be a grind on its own, so doing that on two item slots doesn’t bode well.

thank you for that nice levelling guide - as much as I’m absolutely loving diving deep into GD, I wish more build makers threw in recommendations on early gearing. I love the journey to 100 and incremental upgrades.

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Well Silver Sentinel shoulders used to have bonus to Lethal Assault, which was moved to another item, so they are not that good, but are still decent option. If you play Crucible, Nemesis shoulders do drop. Farming rep for Zantarin isn’t fast or fun.

Also you have backup option in the most slots, for example you can use these cute rings, until you can have Alkamos

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@ImSlower welcome! I can’t disagree with @Nery. Good options given… I would only add grab some xp pots and either copy someone or go with what works for you with regards to leveling… If you find it easier to go 2handed then do it, if not then duel or single… Enjoy the next character you make and the extra free time you have atm!

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