The little things in the Crucible that give me cancer

As someone with the habit of doing crucible runs until I want to vomit, here are some of the things I don’t know why still exist. Also this is a half-rant thread, it is some kind of a feedback thread too so I’ll just leave it here.

  • Krieg monolouging: Like, dude, I get it. I’m strong, and now you’re gonna show me your true POWERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, it was fun to watch the first 14920 times I see it. Oh and the time it takes to complete the bullshit animation is longer than it take to kill the guy himself.

  • The Aetherial Heralds: They do literally nothing except moving verrryy slowy to the center (sometimes they just don’t move at all, more on that later), and try to pew pew you to death with their sorry ass damage. They should be removed, just put some Groble or fat Aether guys there, I don’t know.

  • The fps drop at the beginning of each wave.

  • Every trash mobs that stay in their spawn spots for no reason, forcing you to personally drag your ass there and kill them. Should be an AI issue, I don’t know.

  • Guys, tell me what is your favorite crucible map and why is it Crucible of the Dead? (And I swear to God that thing has about 10% chance to be used, Sand has about 95%).

  • Swimming in trash greens looking for MI, why can’t we a have a different color for them? Pink? Pearlescent? I don’t know. I love pearlescent.

Spot on.

Lokkar’s often mistimed comments are a bit annoying as well.

That’s why I can only bear to make 1 full run (100 to 150, then all the checkpoints at 130) maaaaybe 2 if I am running with a friend and it’s just a melting pot (doom-bolt conjurer + BWC sorc or melee Druid + Belgothian BM). After that I feel numb and indifferent to the game for a while (sorting shit to mules is a horrible chore too).

EDIT: It’s especially annoying to die to lonely old man Zantarin when you misclick and decide to Chaos Strike him and he instagibs you with his shotgun.

Of the dead because the map layout enables smooth mob killing, low obstacles and smaller, more compact. So good timing/se of blessings&tribute

My new favorite will be of the void though. with the added benefit that it looks great

For people who want to be able to choose Crucible Maps, they need to design a new UI to allow us to have this feature

I can live with shitty crafting UI, no devotion icons, same icons for skills but for Crucible it’s a major PITA since we sometimes have to spend a lot of time trying to get Crucible of the Dead, it’s mostly Crucible of the Deeps. So I really hope they do consider giving us this feature even if it means extra work

Not sure if you guys have gotten to play it yet but the lighting was so shitty when Grava streamed it that i’d prefer even Crucible of Sands over it

This so much :furious:

Solution: don’t spawn them in the spawn zones, have them spawn in the middle of the arena only. Problem solved.

>lighting in a Void themed area is bad
Sounds about right. I like the feel of the void areas in the campaign, they convey the appropriate feeling of being lost in a horrible place, but I am not sure that really works for an arena theme.

The void areas in the expansion already have lightning. What’s the difference between those and the crucible area?

My point is this works in main campaign (which is much easier than the crucible) but they should tone it down or rather up in the crucible. That bad lightning is really distracting. I mean I get the importance of staying true to the theme/lore but a little better lightning wouldn’t be bad imo

At this point all I want is something called Crucible of the Plains, where there is literally nothing there, just mobs to kill.

Oh, LIGHTNING. Fuck, I’m dumb.

Okay my bad
It was a typo. I meant the Lighting and not the Lightning. The lightning is pretty cool. The Lighting on the other hand isn’t

A 4x4 square metres with bunch of gravas/kupas sound good and fast for cru.

>multiple Grava’thul spawns

Oh it’ll be fast alright.

Hey, I know it’s sarcarsm but we can be sure that they will be toned down for Crucible, maybe alot.

It’s already been confirmed that Kuba will not split in the Crucible. That, and all enemies have significantly reduced health relative to their campaign counterparts.

Nice! But what about Grava? His fumbling pools is just as cancerous if not more that Kuba splitting.

Oh, then definitely needs to be upped. Grava’s chaos fumble pools become really hard to see in void areas because it has the same color as the void enviroments.

The chance to fumble and impaired also need to be lowered, even in vanilla. 49% chance for 2 seconds is way too much, specially if you decide to facetank him.

Trash greens should disappear when restarting

+1 to Crucible of plains

The things that get me are the enemies not actually GETTING to me. Whether that’s because theystay in spawn for no apparent reason, or because they keep trying to shoot me through the scenery… It’s just really annoying.

I’d love a Plains Crucible because there’d be nothing in the way of the monsters getting to me, or me getting to them. I love the scenery in campaign… It’s not at all appreciated by me in Crucible.